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Be sure to read this manual before servicing. To ensure safety from fire, electric shock, injury, harmful
radiation and materials, various measures are provided in this LCD TV.
Be sure to read cautionary items described in the manual before servicing.
These servicing instructions are for use by qualified service personnel only. To reduce the risk of electric
shock, do not perform any servicing other than that described in the operating instructions unless you are
qualified to do so.
1. Since the Panel Module and the front Filter are made of glass, handling the broken Module and Filter
carefully and with caution in order not to receive injury.
2. Replacement work should be started after the Panel Module and the AC/DC Power supply have
become sufficiently cool.
3. Special care should be taken when working near the display area in order not to damage its surface.
4. The Panel Module should not be touched with bare hands in order to protect its surface from blemishes
and damage.
5. It is recommended that you use clean soft gloves during the replacement work in order to protect not
only the display area of the Panel Module but also yourself.
1. Features -----------------------------------------3
2. Specifications-----------------------------------4
3. Component Names----------------------------6
4. Service Points----------------------------------11
5. Adjustment -------------------------------------12
6. Troubleshooting -------------------------------22
7. Self Diagnosis Function----------------------28
8. Block Diagram------------------------------------30
9. Wiring Block Diagram---------------------------32
10. Circuit Diagram---------------------------------34
11. Printed Wiring Board Diagram--------------55
12. Disassembly Diagram-------------------------60
13. Replacement Parts List ----------------------62
LCD Television
Service Warning
Service Manual
TA 004

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Please read this page before repair the LCD TV.
The following safety precautions are designed to help you stay safe and prevent accidents during the repair
Please take note of these cautionary flags.
This means "Potential to sustain injury or even death."
This means "Potential to sustain breakage or irreparable damage."
Also note these cautionary icons
This means "CAUTION"
This means "MUST"
This means "DO NOT"
Follow instructions.
Must use same types of wires and components.
The cabinet, chassis, and labels are parts
that require attention. You must follow the
caution notes and safety instructions
presented throughout this User Manual to
prevent damage to them or injury to
Prevent electric shock.
The LCD TV uses special tubes and
tapes made from insulated materials.
Moreover, some materials are kept from
making contact with the PWB for the sake
of safety.Internal leads are kept from hot
parts or high voltage parts by means of
clamps or other measures. As such, you
must restored these parts to their original
conditions in order to prevent electric
shock or fire.
Perform safety check when done.
Exercise caution while working on the
device as the LCD TV contains high
voltage parts and power supply.It is
possible to sustain severe injury or death
if you accidentally touch the wrong
parts.You must disconnect the power
supply while servicing, reassembling, or
change parts. If you touch a live
connection it is possible to sustain severe
injury or death.
Use recommended components.
Every part (such as removed screws,
components, and wiring) must be
restored to their prior conditions after
servicing.Be sure to check everything that
was repaired for damage or mistakes.
Also measure the insulated impedance
with a meg-ohm meter to confirm that the
impedance value is more than 4M ohm.If
the impedance value is less than 4M
ohm, then electric shock or fire may
Use only the recommended components
or componentst that structurally identical
to the originals. This is to ensure safety
and reliability. Pay special attention to
parts in the parts list and circuit diagrams
marked with
. If you use
non-recommended components, then
electric shock or fire may result.

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Cleaning the LCD TV's LCD screen panel
Before cleaning the LCD TV, turn it off and disconnect the power plug from the power outlet. To prevent
scratching or damaging of the LCD screen face, do not knock or rub the surface with sharp or hard objects.
Clean the screen with a soft cloth moistened with warm water and dry with a second soft cloth. If it is not
enough, then use a cloth with mild detergent. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners.
Cleaning the LCD TV's cabinet
Use a soft cloth to clean the LCD TV's cabinet and control panel. When excessively soiled, dilute a neutral
detergent in water, wet and wring out the soft cloth in it, gently clean the cabinet, and then wipe it down with a
dry soft cloth.
Never use acid/alkaline detergents, alcoholic detergents, abrasive cleaners, powder soaps, OA cleaners, car
wax, glass cleaners, and so on. They will cause discoloration, scratches or cracks.
1. Features
Enhanced definition LCD display panel
The 32 / 37 -inch color LCD display panel, with a resolution of 1366 (H) x 768(V) pixels, creates a widescreen
picture. This panel features a thin form factor and can be hung on a wall with an optional wall mounting kit.
High Performance Digital Processor
This panel displays a wide range of personal computer signals from 640 x 480, 800 x 600 SVGA to 1280 x
768 WXGA.(RGB Analog input).
Easy-to-use remote control and on-screen display system
The included remote control operates all LCD TV functions. Futhermore, the on-screen display system shows
the status of the control settings in an easy-to-view fashion.
Power saving system
When connected to a VESA DPMS-compliant PC, the LCD TV cuts its power consumption while idle.

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2. 32 / 37 HDL52 Specifications
32HDL52: Approx. 31.51 inches (697.685 (H) x 392.256 (V) mm, diagonal 800.4mm)
37HDL52: Approx. 37.02 inches (819.6(H) x 460.8 (V) mm, diagonal 940.3mm)
1366 (H) x 768 (V) pixels
Net dimensions
32HDL52: 8125(W) x 6642 (H) x 350(D) mm
(With Base)
37HDL52: 9395 (W) x 7357 (H) x 350(D) mm
(With Base)
Net weight
32HDL52: 27.8 kg
(With Base)
37HDL52: 32.8 kg
(With Base)
Operating: 5°C to 35°C, Storage: -15°C to 50°C
Relative Humidity
Operating: 20% to 80%, Storage: 20% to 90% (non-condensing)
Power supply
AC120V @ 60Hz
Power consumption / at standby
32HDL52: 145W / <1W
37HDL52: 165W / <1W
Audio output
Build in 10W + 10W
(RGB input)
Input terminals
RGB1-VGA audio input terminal (3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack)
RGB1-VGA analog RGB input terminal (D-sub 15-pin)
Video signals
0.7 V
Analog RGB
Sync signals
H/V separate, TTL level [2k ]
H/V composite, TTL level [2k ]
Sync on green, 0.3 Vp-p [75]
Input terminals
RGB1-VGA audio input terminal (3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack)
DVI connector
Input terminals
RGB1-VGA audio input terminal (3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack)
Ingle pixel 24 bit support up to 110 MHz (DVI-D)
Digital RGB
Input impedance
Recommended signal
1024 x 768 at 60Hz
(Video input)
Input terminals
AV1 : Component input (Y-PBPR/Y-CbCr) (RCA)
AV1 : L/R audio input terminal(RCA)AV1 : L/R audio input terminal(RCA)
AV2 : Component input (Y- PBPR /Y-CbCr) (RCA)
AV2 : L/R audio input terminal(RCA)AV1 : L/R audio input terminal(RCA)
AV3 : Composite video input terminal(RCA)
AV3 : S video input teminal
AV3 : L/R audio input terminal(RCA)
AV4 : Composite video input terminal(RCA)
AV4 : S video input teminal
AV4 : L/R audio input terminal(RCA)
Input signals
Video signals
Video output Signal
OUTPUT(LCD TV): composite video output terminal (RCA)-------for NTSC or DTV
S-Video output terminal (RCA)-----------------for DTV
OUTPUT(LCD TV): L/R audio LCD TV- output terminal (RCA)---for both NTSC and DTV
Recommended signal
1024 x 768 at 60Hz
TV RF input)
Input signals
Input terminals
Analog RF input terminal (NTSC)
Digital RF input terminal (DTV)
Swivel base
30 º (Left & Right)
It takes at least 30 minutes to attain the maximum picture quality.

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Applicable video signals for each input terminal
S-video component
480i/480p/1080i/720p inputs (NTSC).
480i/480p/1080i/720p inputs (NTSC).
( : Avaliable)