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Congratulations on your purchase of this Sony VAIO® computer, and welcome to the online VAIO® Computer User Guide.
This user guide provides detailed information on all aspects of using your new VAIO computer, from keyboard functions to
preinstalled software programs.
In the left navigation window, click the topics you want to learn more about, and that information will be displayed in this
main window.
View the Electronic Flyer, which provides updates and supplemental information about your computer.
View the VAIO® Computer Specifications, which lists your computer's hardware specifications and preinstalled software
information, such as descriptions and contact information.
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Powering Your Computer
Your VAIO® computer comes with a battery and an AC adapter. This chapter explains how to install and use these supplied
accessories to power your computer. It also describes ways you can efficiently utilize the battery as a power source.
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Using AC Power
The supplied battery is not charged when you receive your computer. To charge the battery and begin using the computer
immediately, insert the battery into the computer and use the supplied AC adapter as a power source. The computer
automatically charges the installed battery while it uses AC power.
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Connecting the AC adapter
To connect the AC adapter
Plug the AC adapter cable into the DC IN port.
Connecting the AC Adapter to the Com puter
Plug the power cord into the AC adapter and an AC outlet.
Use only the supplied AC adapter with your computer.
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Turning on the computer
To open and turn on the computer
Slide the cover release latch and lift the cover while holding the bottom of the computer firmly.
Opening the Com puter
Press the power button until the power indicator turns on.
Turning on the Com puter
If you continue to press the power button, the computer turns off.
If the computer screen is too dark or too bright, follow these steps to adjust the brightness:
To increase brightness, press the Fn and F5 keys, and then press the Up Arrow
or the Right Arrow
To decrease brightness, press the Fn and F5 keys, and then press the Down Arrow
or the Left
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