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High Definition CRT Projection Television
· Integrated ATSC Tuner and Digital Cable Ready with Cable Card Slot
· DRCTM (Digital Reality CreationTM) MultiFunction V1 Technology
· Memory Stick® Playback (JPEG, MPEG1)*
HD MICROFOCUSTM CRT and Lens System incorporates smaller phosphor particles and a thinner phosphor
layer than Sony's previous MICROFOCUS picture tubes, to achieve a 28% reduction in beam spot size. This
translates directly into sharper focus, higher contrast and a brighter image, for a picture of stunning clarity.
DRCTM Digital Reality CreationTM Multi-function Circuitry analyzes a 480i NTSC image and creates a digital bit
mapped pattern in real time. The original NTSC signal is mapped in real time, replaced with an HD representative,
and then discarded. Because DRCTM processes video signals in real time, it creates an image with 4X the density
of the original signal. Resolution is increased both vertically and horizontally.
MID®-X Multi Image Driver Circuitry is specially designed for fixed pixel displays. It performs two major functions
– scaling all incoming standard and high definition signals to the configuration of the panel without degrading
signal quality, and providing unique Twin-View scalable picture-and-picture features once impossible for
fixed pixel displays. Watch SD and HD on the same screen at the same time.

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High Definition CRT Projection Television
For more information:
· High Definition Projection
· ATSC Integrated Tuner
· DRCTM (Digital Reality CreationTM)
MultiFunction V1 Technology
· Memory Stick® Enhanced
Lens System
· Flash Focus® Auto and Manual
· MIDTM X (Multi Image Driver X)
· 3 D Digital Comb Filter
· Antenna Level For DTV
· Auto Channel Program
· Auto Pedestal Clamp
· Auto White Balance
· Caption Vision (CC)
· Channel Fix
· Channel Label
· Channel Skip/Add
· CineMotionTM Reverse 3-2
Pulldown Technology
· ClearEdge VMTM Wideband
Velocity Modulation Scan
· Clock/Timer Two Event
· DRCTM MultiFunction circuitry
· Favorite Channel With Preview
· High Contrast Screen With A/R
(Anti-Reflective) Coating
· HD DetailerTM Wideband Video
· Picture Freeze
· Picture Jump
· On Screen Display
· Program PaletteTM Presets
· Scrolling Channel IndexTM System
· Sleep Function
· Speed SurfTM Channel Selection
· Twin-View Two Tuner Picture and
· V Chip Parental Control
· Video Label
· Wide Mode:
(Normal/Full/Zoom/Wide Zoom)
· XDS (Extended Data Service)
· Manual/Auto (Flash Focus)
· MIDTM X Multi Image Driver
· Dynamic FocusTM Circuitry
· Dynamic PictureTM Processor
· Auto 16:9 Enhanced Mode
· ID1 Detection (Auto)
· Trinitone® Color Temperature
· Auto SAP
· Dolby® Digital Output
· MTS Stereo
· Steady Sound® Auto Volume
Control With BBE® Audio Effect
· Auto Mute (Tuner)
· Speakers On/Off
· Built-In AC3 Decoder
· Audio Output (Variable/Fixed)
· TruSurround® SRS® Audio
· 4 Speaker System (20W x 2)
· Power Requirements AC 120V
· Power Consumption In Operation:
In Standby: TBD
Supplied Accessories
· Instruction Manual,
· Remote Control
· AA Battery (2)
Weights & Measures
· KDP-51WS655: 173 lbs. (79 kg)
· KDP-57WS655: 198lbs. 7 oz. (90
· KDP-51WS655: 47" x 53 1/8" x 25
5/8" (1194 x 1350 x 650mm)
· KDP-57WS655: 52 1/4" x 54 1/4"
x 27 1/4" (1326 x 1377 x 690mm)
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*All Sony digital still cameras and camcorders
except models DSCD-700, DSCD-770,
DCR-TRV900 and DSR-PD100A store images
on a Memory Stick in the DCF file format,
which is required for playback on these
projectors. If the image file is renamed or
manipulated, the DCF file format must be
restored before playback is possible. Images
captured on all other digital still cameras and
camcorders will need to be formatted on a PC
to the DCF file format (with third party software
not supplied with the projector) before they can
be viewed.
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