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Hardware buttons
1 Press the
button and
then touch "Address
2 Select a state or province
by pressing
then input the house num-
ber and touch "OK".
3 Input the street name.
4 Select the street name
from the list.
After taking some steps to nar-
row down your destination, the
route calculation is carried out
and the route confirmation
screen appears.
If you want to get another rec-
ommended route, press
"Multiple route" and choose
the best one.
5 Touch "OK" to confirm
your route, and then the
navigation starts.
6 Begin driving in accordance
with navigation guidance.
This navigation systems gives
you route guidance both visually
and by voice.
Search function overview
This navigation system has multiple methods for entering your des-
Press the
button to display the navigation menu.
(1) Search by address
(2) Calculate a route to your home address
(3) Calculate a route to your favorite destination
(4) Search for POIs in the database
(5) Select a registered destination from the address book
(6) Select a previously routed destination
(7) Search for a destination by business telephone number
(8) Search for POIs in your vicinity
Search result list for vicinity search
POI (Points of Interests) are restaurants, hotels, gas stations,
and other categories in your navigation system.
(1) OPEN CLOSE button
Press to access the disc loading
slot. Press and hold to set up
the tilt of the LCD panel.
(2) V button
Press to enter the PICTURE
(3) VOL (
/5) button
Press to adjust the volume of
audio source.
(4) AV button
Press to switch the screen to
the audio operation screen. If
you press the AV button again,
the audio source switches.
(5) MENU button
Press to display a navigation
(6) MAP button
Press to view the navigation
map screen or switch view
(7) TRK (
2/3) button
Press when the built-in DVD
drive source is selected to skip
a track or a chapter. Press and
hold to fast forward/fast reverse
a track or a chapter.
(8) P.LIST (
/5) button
Press to switch the preset chan-
nels during the radio operation.
(9) T button*
Preset button for XM Instant
Traffic and SIRIUS traffic chan-
nel. Hold down to assign pre-
sets and recall them later.
*: XM satellite radio tuner (GEX-P10XMT or GEX-P920XM) or
SIRIUS satellite radio tuner (SIR-PNR2) is required with an
active subscription (sold separately).
Searching for your destination by address
Quick Start Guide
This guide is intended to guide you through the basic
functions of this navigation system. For details, please
refer to the Operation Manual and Hardware Manual
provided with the product.
Published by Pioneer Corporation.
Copyright © 2006 by Pioneer Corporation.
All rights reserved.
<CRB2299-A/U> UC
<KKYHX> <06K00000>
Printed in China
Switching the screen
AV screen
Navigation map

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(1) Traffic event
Stopped traffic
Stop and go traffic
Closed/blocked roads
Other event
(e.g., accident)
(2) Traffic flow
The following items represent
the traffic flow for the road.
5 ­ 15 mph
(8 ­ 24 km/h)
20 ­ 40 mph
(32 ­ 64 km/h)
45 mph or faster
(72 km/h or faster)
The icon
indicates that the
average speed of the road is
over 45 mph (72 km/h).
Operation of the XM Satellite Radio
You can use the navigation system to control a XM satellite digital
tuner. GEX-P10XMT (sold separately) is required with an active sub-
(1) Shows detailed information of current broadcast.
(2) Use to change the channel select mode.
(3) Each touch allows you to change the left screen in the following
Detail information display ­ Ch Name List ­ Song Title List ­
Artist Name List
Operation of your Apple iPod
You can control your iPod with Dock connector via the touch screen
when it is connected to this navigation system via the Pioneer iPod
adapter (sold separately).
Changing the AV source
1 Touch the source icon.
2 Touch the desired AV source.
(1) The AV source for the rear display switches in the following
"MIRROR" (Same as front) ­ "DVD" (DVD drive) ­ "AV"
(AV input)
Operation of the music library
First, play the CD you want to record. The CD will automatically be recorded
into the built-in hard disk drive (in default setting). The recording is per-
formed four times faster than playing the CD. After the recording is com-
plete, you can play the music from the music library.
Basic operation on the map screen
Scrolling the map
Touch where you would like to scroll to on the map screen.
(1) Next street
(2) Distance to the next guidance point
(3) Distance to your destination
(4) Estimated time of arrival (in default)
Setting the voice guidance volume
Press or touch in the following order.
Settings tab Volume
Mute the navigation voice
Short-cut Menu
Zoom in or zoom out
Traffic information on the map
Traffic conditions can be overlaid on the map.
GEX-P10XMT XM Digital Satellite Data & Audio Receiver (sold sepa-
rately) is required with an active subscription for the XM
NavTrafficTM service.
Touch to display the search cate-
(1)Search for a song by album,
artist, genre, or your
favourite playlist.
(2)Touch and hold to memorize
that song in the "My Mix"
(3)Information about the cur-
rent song
(4)"Group" playing now