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safety first
Safety Precautions
The rating plate and the safety caution are on the rear of the unit.
I Please read the various precautions on pages 2­4 of this instruction manual before installing or
operating the recorder.
I It should be noted that it may be unlawful to re-record pre-recorded tapes, records, or discs
without the consent of the owner of copyright in the sound or video recording, broadcast or cable
programme and in any literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic work embodied therein.
Connection to the mains supply in the United Kingdom. DO NOT cut off the mains plug from
this equipment. If the plug fitted is not suitable for the power points in your home or the cable is
too short to reach a power point, then obtain a proper safety approved extension lead/adapter or
consult your dealer.
In the unlikely event of the plug fuse failing be sure to replace the fuse only with an identical
approved type, as originally fitted, and to replace the fuse cover. If the fuse fails again consult
your nearest JVC dealer.
If nonetheless the mains plug is cut off remove the fuse and dispose of the plug immediasѸy, to
avoid a possible shock hazard by inadvertent connection to the mains supply.
If this product is not supplied fitted with a mains plug then follow the instructions given below:
DO NOT make any connection to the Larger Terminal coded E or Green.
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code:
Blue to N (Neutral) or Black
Brown to L (Live) or Red
If these colours do not correspond with the terminal identifications of your plug, connect as follows:
Blue wire to terminal coded N (Neutral) or coloured Black.
Brown wire to terminal coded L (Live) or coloured Red.
If in doubt -- consult a competent electrician.
I When you are not using the recorder for a long period of time, it is recommended that you
disconnect the power cord from the mains outlet.
I Dangerous voltage inside. Refer internal servicing to qualified service personnel. To prevent
electric shock or fire hazard, remove the power cord from the mains outlet prior to connecting or
disconnecting any signal lead or aerial.
The STANDBY/ON o button does not completely shut off mains power from the unit, but switches
operating current on and off. "y " shows electrical power standby and " z" shows ON.
Video tapes recorded with this video recorder in the LP (Long Play) mode cannot be played back on
a single-speed video recorder.
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safety first
When the equipment is installed in a cabinet or a shelf, make sure that it has sufficient space on all sides
to allow for ventilation (10 cm or more on both sides, on top and at the rear.)
When discarding batteries, environmental problems must be considered and the local rules or laws
governing the disposal of these batteries must be followed strictly.
Failure to heed the following precautions may result in damage to the recorder, remote control or video
1. DO NOT place the recorder...
... in an environment prone to extreme temperatures or humidity.
... in direct sunlight.
... in a dusty environment.
... in an environment where strong magnetic fields are generated.
... on a surface that is unstable or subject to vibration.
2. DO NOT block the recorder's ventilation openings or holes.
(If the ventilation openings or holes are blocked by a newspaper or cloth, etc., the heat may not be
able to get out.)
3. DO NOT place heavy objects on the recorder or remote control.
4. DO NOT place anything which might spill on top of the recorder or remote control.
(If water or liquid is allowed to enter this equipment, fire or electric shock may be caused.)
5. DO NOT expose the apparatus to dripping or splashing.
6. DO NOT use this equipment in a bathroom or places with water. Also DO NOT place any con-
tainers filled with water or liquids (such as cosmetics or medicines, flower vases, potted plants,
cups, etc.) on top of this unit.
7. DO NOT place any naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, on the apparatus.
8. AVOID violent shocks to the recorder during transport.
Moisture in the air will condense on the recorder when you move it from a cold place to a warm place,
or under extremely humid conditions--just as water droplets form in the surface of a glass filled with
cold liquid. Moisture condensation on the head drum will cause damage to the tape. In conditions
where condensation may occur, keep the recorder turned on for a few hours to let the moisture dry.
Caution on Replaceable litium battery
The battery used in this device may present a fire or chemical burn hazard if mistreated. Do not
recharge, disassemble, heat above 100ºC or incinerate.
Replace battery with CR2032.Panasonic (Matsushita Electric) or Maxell is recommended.
Danger of explosion or Risk of fire if the battery is incorrectly replaced.
I Dispose of used battery promptly.
I Keep away from children.
I Do not disassemble and do not dispose of in fire.
I Cassettes marked "VHS" (or "S-VHS") can be used with this video recorder. However, only VHS record-
ing can be made and played back.
I HQ VHS is compatible with existing VHS equipment.
I VIDEO Plus+ and PlusCode are registered trademarks of Gemstar Development Corporation. The
VIDEO Plus+ system is manufactured under license from Gemstar Development Corporation.
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safety first
Some Do's And Don'ts
On The Safe Use Of Equipment
This equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards but, like
any electrical equipment, care must be taken if you are to obtain the best results and safety is to be
read the operating instructions before you attempt to use the equipment.
ensure that all electrical connections (including the mains plug, extension leads and interconnec-
tions between pieces of equipment) are properly made and in accordance with the manufacturer's
instructions. Switch off and withdraw the mains plug when making or changing connections.
consult your dealer if you are ever in doubt about the installation, operation or safety of your
be careful with glass panels or doors on equipment.
continue to operate the equipment if you are in any doubt about it working normally, or if it is
damaged in any way -- switch off, withdraw the mains plug and consult your dealer.
remove any fixed cover as this may expose dangerous voltages.
leave equipment switched on when it is unattended unless it is specifically stated that it is
designed for unattended operation or has a standby mode. Switch off using the switch on the
equipment and make sure that your family knows how to do this. Special arrangements may
need to be made for infirm or handicapped people.
use equipment such as personal stereos or radios so that you are distracted from the require-
ments of road safety. It is illegal to watch television whilst driving.
listen to headphones at high volume, as such use can permanently damage your hearing.
obstruct the ventilation of the equipment, for example with curtains or soft furnishings.
Overheating will cause damage and shorten the life of the equipment.
use makeshift stands and NEVER fix legs with wood screws -- to ensure complete safety
always fit the manufacturer's approved stand or legs with the fixings provided according to the
allow electrical equipment to be exposed to rain or moisture.
-- NEVER let anyone especially children push anything into holes, slots or any other opening in
the case -- this could result in a fatal electrical shock;
-- NEVER guess or take chances with electrical equipment of any kind -- it is better to be safe than
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