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Thank you for purchasing this product. Please read and understand these instructions for precise operation.
Be sure to keep this instruction manual handy for future reference.
Exclusively for use with the provided rechargeable batteries.
4 batteries can be charged at once.
Your household power supply can be used.
Warning symbols (including
cautions) are displayed with the
listed warnings.
Do not disassemble.
Disconnect the power
plug from the outlet.
This symbol indicates a prohibited
action, which is displayed inside the
This symbol indicates a step, or the
order of steps, to be taken. Each
step is displayed inside the circle.
Important Safety Precautions
Certain symbols are used in the user's manual and on the display of this product to help protect users, their
surroundings, and their property from possible injury or damage. Please familiarize yourself with the following
definitions and meanings for each symbol before reading the precautions.
Signifies danger which may
result in serious injury or
Indicates items or actions
which may cause serious
injury or death.
Indicates items or actions
which may result in damage
or personal injury.
Examples of Illustrations

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Connection to the mains supply in the United Kingdom.
DO NOT cut off the mains plug from this equipment.
If the plug fitted is not suitable for the power points in
your home or the cable is too short to reach a power
point, then obtain an appropriate safety approved
extension lead or consult your dealer.
BE SURE to replace the fuse only with an identical
approved type, as originally fitted, and to replace the
fuse cover.
If nontheless the mains plug is cut off ensure to remove
the fuse and dispose of the plug immediately, to avoid a
possible shock hazard by inadvertent connection to the
mains supply.
If this product is not supplied fitted with a mains plug
then follow the instructions given below:
DO NOT make any connection to the Larger Terminal
coded E or Green.
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance
with the following code:
Blue to N (Neutral) or Black
Brown to L (Live) or Red
If these colours do not correspond with the terminal
identifications of your plug, connect as follows:
Blue wire to terminal coded N (Neutral) or coloured
Brown wire to terminal coded L (Live) or coloured Red.
If in doubt -- consult a competent electrician.
IMPORTANT (for owners in the U.K.)
Notes on use (for the Battery Charger)
Do not attempt to use this charger with anything other
than the provided batteries. Using them in
combination with other batteries may cause leakage,
overheating and explosion.
Do not immerse the charger in water. Using
it in a humid area such as in a bathroom
may cause fire, electric shock and
Do not use the charger with batteries that have been
inserted with their
terminals reversed. It may
cause battery damage, leakage, overheating or explosion.
For safety, be sure to disconnect the power
plug from the outlet before performing
maintenance or cleaning. Also, never plug in
or disconnect the power plug with a wet hand.
It may cause electric shock and injury.
Do not insert metal wires or similar objects. It may
cause electric shock, overheating and fire.
Never modify or disassemble the charger.
It may cause overheating, fire, electric
shock and injury.
For safety, do not keep the charger within
the reach of infants.
Before allowing children to use it, parents should explain to
them carefully how to properly use the charger.
Do not use in wet areas.
Disconnect the
power plug from
the outlet.
Do not disassemble.

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Do not use the charger if the power plug is damaged or the plug is not completely connected to the
outlet, otherwise it may cause a short circuit, fire or electric shock.
Be sure to use the charger with the proper voltage (AC 220 - 240 V). Using it with other voltage levels
may cause overheating, fire, electric shock and injury.
Disconnect the power plug from the outlet when not charging.
If something appears to be wrong with the charger, disconnect the power plug from the outlet
and consult your nearest service station.
Do not put anything heavy on the charger or leave it in an unstable position or in a humid place. It may
cause overheating, fire, leakage, explosion and injury.
Do not attempt to charge continuously for more than 2 days (48 hours). It may cause the batteries to leak,
overheat or explode.
Be sure to charge batteries within the temperature range of 0°C - 40°C, otherwise it may cause batteries
to leak, overheat or explode.
Do not use this product as a DC power supply. It may cause overheating and fire.
Disconnect the
power plug
from the outlet.

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Notes on use (for Batteries)
Be sure to use only with the exclusive battery charger.
Do not insert the batteries with their
terminals reversed.
Do not solder lead wires or terminals directly onto a battery or modify it.
Do not connect the
terminals together or let the batteries contact metals such as necklaces and
Do not connect the batteries directly to a power outlet or a cigarette lighter of an automobile.
Do not expose batteries to fire or heat them.
If any liquid from a battery gets into your eyes, promptly wash it off with clean water and consult your doctor at
Stop charging if the charge is still incomplete after the specified time it should take.
Do not expose the rechargeable batteries to water. Do not allow water to contact the terminals.
Do not remove the battery case or damage it.
Do not directly connect more than 20 batteries together.
Do not use the batteries if you find something wrong with them such as leakage, colour change or deformity.
Keep the batteries out of the reach of infants.
Should any battery liquid get on skin or clothing, promptly wash it off with clean water.