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For model:
Illustration of AV-27GFH and optional RM-C205 remote control
In the space below, enter the serial number of your television (located at the rear
of the television cabinet). Staple your sales receipt or invoice to the inside cover
of this guide. Keep this user's guide in a convenient place for
future reference. Keep the carton and original packaging for future use.
Serial Number
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1. Operate only from the power source specified on the unit.
2. Avoid damaging the AC plug and power cord.
3. Avoid Improper installation and never position the unit where good
ventilation is unattainable.
4. Do not allow objects or liquid into the cabinet openings.
5. In the event of trouble, unplug the unit and call a service technician.
Do not attempt to repair it yourself or remove the rear cover.
Changes or modifications not approved by JVC could void the warranty.
* When you don't use this TV set for a long period of time, be sure to
disconnect both the power plug from the AC outlet and antenna for
your safety.
* To prevent electric shock do not use this polarized plug with an
extension cord, receptacle or other outlet unless the blades can be fully
inserted to prevent blade exposure.
CAUTION:To reduce the risk of electric shock.
Do not remove cover (or back).
No user serviceable parts inside.
Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol,
within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert
the user to the presence of uninsulated
"dangerous voltage" within the product's
enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude
to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.
The exclamation point within an equilateral
triangle is intended to alert the user to the
presence of important operating and
maintenance (servicing) instructions in the
literature accompanying the appliance.
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Please read and retain for your safety.
Electrical energy can perform many useful functions. This TV set has been engineered
and manufactured to assure your personal safety. But improper use can result in potential
electrical shock or fire hazards. In order not to defeat the safeguards incorporated in this
TV set, observe the following basic rules for its installation, use and servicing.
And also follow all warnings and instructions marked on your TV set.
1 Your TV set is equipped with a polarized AC line plug (one blade of the plug is wider
than the other).
This safety feature allows the plug to fit into the power outlet only one way. Should you
be unable to insert the plug fully into the outlet, try reversing the plug.
Should it still fail to fit, contact your electrician.
2 Operate the TV set only from a power source as indicated on the TV set or refer to the
operating instructions for this information. If you are not sure of the type of power
supply to your home, consult your TV set dealer or local power company. For battery
operation, refer to the operating instructions.
3 Overloaded AC outlets and extension cords are dangerous, and so are frayed power
cords and broken plugs. They may result in a shock or fire hazard. Call your service
technician for replacement.
4 Do not allow anything to rest on or roll over the power cord, and do not place the TV
set where power cord is subject to traffic or abuse. This may result in a shock or fire
5 Do not use this TV set near water -- for example, near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen
sink, or laundry tub, in a wet basement, or near swimming pool, etc.
6 If an outside antenna is connected to the TV set, be sure the antenna system is
grounded so as to provide some protection against voltage surges and built-up static
charges. Section 810 of the National Electrical Code provides information with respect
to proper grounding of the mast and supporting structure, grounding of the lead-in wire
to an antenna discharge unit, size of grounding conductors, location of antenna
discharge unit, connection requirements for the grounding electrode.
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7 An outside antenna system should not be located in the vicinity of overhead power
lines or other electric light or power circuits, or where it can fall into such power lines
or circuits. When installing an outside antenna system, extreme care should be taken
to keep from touching such power lines or circuits as contact with them might be fatal.
8 TV sets are provided with ventilation openings in the cabinet to allow heat generated
during operation to be released.
-- Never block the bottom ventilation slots of a portable TV set by placing it on a bed,
sofa, rug, etc.
-- Never place a TV set in a "built-in" enclosure unless proper ventilation is provided.
-- Never cover the openings with a cloth or other material.
-- Never place the TV set near or over a radiator or heat register.
9 To avoid personal injury:
-- Do not place a TV set on a sloping shelf unless properly secured.
-- Use only a cart or stand recommended by the TV set manufacturer.
-- Do not try to roll a cart with small casters across thresholds or deep pile carpets.
-- Wall or shelf mounting should follow the manufacturer's instructions, and should
use a mounting kit approved by the manufacturer.
10 Caution children about dropping or pushing objects into the TV set through cabinet openings.
Some internal parts carry hazardous voltages and contact can result in a fire or electrical shock.
11 Unplug the TV set from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid or an
aerosol cleaner.
12 Never add accessories to a TV set that has not been designed for this purpose. Such
additions may result in a hazard.
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13 For added protection of the TV set during a lightning storm or when the TV set is to be left
unattended for an extended period of time, unplug it from the wall outlet and disconnect the
antenna. This will prevent damage to product due to lightning storms or power line surges.
14 A TV set and cart combination should be moved with
care. Quick stops, excessive force, and uneven surfaces
may cause the TV set and cart combination to overturn.
15 Unplug this TV set from the wall outlet and refer
servicing to qualified service personnel under the following conditions:
A. When the power cord or plug is damaged or frayed.
B. If liquid has been spilled into the TV set.
C. If the TV set has been exposed to rain or water.
D. If the TV set does not operate normally by following the operating instructions.
Adjust only those controls that are covered in the operating instructions as
improper adjustment of other controls may result in damage and will often require
extensive work by a qualified technician to restore the TV set to normal operation.
E. If the TV set has been dropped or damaged in any way.
F. When the TV set exhibits a distinct change in performance -- this indicates a need
for service.
16 Do not attempt to service this TV set yourself as opening or removing covers may
expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards. Refer all servicing to qualified
service personnel.
17 When replacement parts are required, have the service technician verify in writing
that the replacement parts he uses have the same safety characteristics as the
original parts. Use of manufacturer's specified replacement parts can prevent fire,
shock, or other hazards.
18 Upon completion of any service or repairs to this TV set, please ask the service
technician to perform the safety check described in the manufacturer's service literature.
19 When a TV set reaches the end of its useful life, improper disposal could result in a picture
tube implosion. Ask a qualified service technician to dispose of the TV set.
20 Note to CATV system installer.
This reminder is provided to call the CATV system installer's attention to Article 820-
40 of the NEC that provides guidelines for proper grounding and, in particular,
specifies that the cable ground shall be connected to the grounding system of the
building, as close to the point of cable entry as practical.
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