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User's Guide
Guía del usuario

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Unit 6, 1000 North Circular Road,
London NW2 7JD, U.K.

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Safety Precautions
Be sure to read the following safety precautions before using this calculator.
Keep this manual handy for later reference.
This symbol is used to indicate information that can result in personal
injury or material damage if ignored.
·After removing the battery from the calculator, put it in a safe place
where it will not get into the hands of small children and accidentally
·Keep batteries out of the reach of small children. If accidentally
swallowed, consult with a physician immediately.
·Never charge batteries, try to take batteries apart, or allow batteries to
become shorted. Never expose batteries to direct heat or dispose of
them by incineration.
·Misuse of batteries can cause them to leak and damage nearby items,
and can create the risk of fire and personal injury.
·Always make sure that the battery's positive
k and negative l ends
are facing correctly when you load it into the calculator.
·Remove the battery if you do not plan to use the calculator for a long
time (fx-3950P).
·Use only the type of battery specified for this calculator in this manual.
Disposing of the Calculator
·Never dispose of the calculator by burning it. Doing so can cause
certain components to suddenly burst, creating the risk of fire and
personal injury.
·The displays and illustrations (such as key markings) shown in this User's
Guide are for illustrative purposes only, and may differ somewhat from the
actual items they represent.
·The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice.

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·In no event shall CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. be liable to anyone for
special, collateral, incidental, or consequential damages in connection
with or arising out of the purchase or use of these materials. Moreover,
CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for any claim of any kind
whatsoever against the use of these materials by any other party.
Handling Precautions
·Be sure to press the
5 key before using the calculator for the first
·Even if the calculator is operating normally, replace the battery at
least once every three years.
A dead battery can leak, causing damage to and malfunction of the
calculator. Never leave a dead battery in the calculator.
· The battery that comes with this unit discharges slightly during
shipment and storage. Because of this, it may require replacement
sooner than the normal expected battery life.
· Low battery power can cause memory contents to become corrupted
or lost completely. Always keep written records of all important data.
·Avoid use and storage in areas subjected to temperature extremes.
Very low temperatures can cause slow display response, total failure of
the display, and shortening of battery life. Also avoid leaving the calculator
in direct sunlight, near a window, near a heater or anywhere else it might
be exposed to very high temperatures. Heat can cause discoloration or
deformation of the calculator's case, and damage to internal circuitry.
·Avoid use and storage in areas subjected to large amounts of
humidity and dust.
Take care never to leave the calculator where it might be splashed by
water or exposed to large amounts of humidity or dust. Such conditions
can damage internal circuitry.
·Never drop the calculator or otherwise subject it to strong impact.