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MultiPASS L60 User's Manual
User's Guide

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MultiPASS L60 User's Manual
Although this equipment can use either loop disconnect or DTMF signalling,
only the performance of the DTMF signalling is subject to regulatory
requirements for correct operation. It is therefore strongly recommended that
the equipment is set to use DTMF signalling for access to public or private
emergency services. DTMF signalling also provides faster call set up.
Copyright 1998 by Canon, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication
may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or
translated into any language or computer language in any form or by any means,
electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual, or otherwise, without
the prior written permission of Canon, Inc.
Canon is a registered trademark, and MultiPASSTM and UHQTM are trademarks
of Canon Inc.
Centronics is a registered trademark of Centronics Data Computer Corporation.
IEEETM is a trademark of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
IBM is a registered trademark.
Microsoft is a registered trademark, and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft
Other brand and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of
their respective companies.
As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Canon has determined that
the MultiPASS L60 meets the Energy Star guidelines for
energy efficiency.
The International ENERGY STAR Office Equipment
Program is an international program that promotes energy
saving through the use of computers and other office
equipment. The program backs the development and
dissemination of products with functions that effectively
reduce energy consumption. It is an open system in which
business proprietors can participate voluntarily. The targeted
products are office equipment such as computers, displays,
printers, facsimiles, and copiers. Their standards and logos are
uniform among participating nations.

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MultiPASS L60 User's Manual
This CE Marking shows compliance of this equipment with Directive 73/23/EEC and Directive 89/336/EEC (as amended by
Directive 92/31/EEC), both as amended by Directive 93/68/EEC.
L'estampille CE indique que ce matériel est conforme aux dispositions de la Directive 73/23/CEE et de la Directive 89/336/
CEE (modifiée par la Directive 92/31/CEE), toutes deux modifiées par la Directive 93/68/CEE.
Diese CE-Markierung weist darauf hin, daß dieses Gerät mit Richtlinie 73/23/EWG und der durch Richtlinie 92/31/EWG
geänderten Richtlinie 89/336/EWG übereinstimmt, die beide durch Richtlinie 93/68/EWG geändert wurden.
Denne CE-mærkning indikerer, at dette udstyr følger Direktiv 73/23/EU og Direktiv 89/336/EU (som udvidet med Direktiv 92/
31/EU), begge som udvidet med Direktiv 93/68/EU.
CE Märkningen visar att denna utrustning följer direktiven 73/23/EEC och 89/336/EEC (komplement till 92/31/EEC) båda
som komplement till direktiv 93/68/EEC.
CE merkintä osoittaa tämän tuotteen yhteensopivuuden direktiivien 73/23/EEC ja 89/336/EEC (täydennetty direktiivillä 92/
31/EEC) kanssa, joita on täydennetty direktiivillä 93/68/EEC.
Dette CE merket viser at utstyret er i samsvar med EU direktivene 73/23 og 89/336 (med korreksjon av EU direktiv 92/31),
begge med korreksjon av EU direktiv 93/68.
Deze CE markering toont aan dat het product in overeenstemming is met de richtlijnen 73/23/EEC en 89/336/EEC (zoals
geammendeerd door richtlijn 92/31/EEC), welke beide zijn geammendeerd door de richtlijn 93/68/CEE.
Questo contrassegno CE indica che l'apparecchio è conforme alle Direttive CEE 73/23 e 89/336 (successivamente
modificata con la Direttiva 92/31), entrambe modificate con la Direttiva 93/68.
Este símbolo CE indica que el equipo cumple con las Directivas 73/23/EEC y 89/336/EEC (según la enmienda a la Directiva
92/31/EEC), ambas según la enmienda de la Directiva 93/68/EEC.
Esta marca CEE indica que este equipamento está de acordo com as Directivas 73/23/EEC e 89/336/EEC (conforme
amenda da directiva 92/31/EEC), ambas amendas da directiva 93/68/EEC.
Auth´h CE sh´mansh dhlw´nei thn sumvwni´a thOE Suskeuh´OE me thn Odhgi´a 73/23/EEC kai thn Odhgi´a 89/336/EEC
(o´pwOE tropopoih´chkan apo´ thn Odhgi´a 92/31/EEC), o´pwOE amvo´tereOE e´qoun tropopoihcei´ apo´ thn Odhgi´a 93/68/
Oznaka CE prikazuje, da oprema ustreza predpisu 73/23/EEC, in kot to predpisuje predpis 93/68/EEC.
A CE jelzés tanúsítja, hogy a berendezés megfelel az EEC 92/31 és 93/68 eloírásokkal módosított EEC 73/23 és 89/336
Oznaczenie CE jest potwierdzeniem zgodnos´ci niniejszego urzadzenia z wymaganiami Dyrektywy 73/23/EEC oraz
Dyrektywy 89/336/EEC (zgodnie ze zmianami Dyrektywy 92/31/EEC), obie uzupelnione przez Dyrektywe 93/68/EEC.
Znacka CE indikuje, ze toto zarízení odpovídá Smernici 73/23/EEC a Smernici 89/336/EEC (doplnené Smernicí 92/31/
EEC), které byly dále doplneny Smernicí 93/68/EEC.
Käesolev CE-markeering näitab, et antud seade vastab Euroopa Liidu Direktiividele 73/23/EEC ja 89/336/EEC (koos
muudatustega vastavalt Direktiivile 92/31/EEC) ning vo~ttes arvesse, et mo~lemaid direktiive on muudetud vastavalt
Direktiivile 93/68/EEC.
CE maroejums nor¬da, ka s¢ iek¬rta atbilst pras¢b¬m, kas iek©autas EK direkt¢v¬s 73/23 un 89/336 (ar EK direkt¢v¬ 92/31
paredztaj¬m izmai߬m), kur¬s veikti labojumi saska߬ ar EK direkt¢vu 93/68.
Zenklas CE rei£kia, kad £is ¢renginys atitinka direktyvas 73/23/EEC ir 89/336/EEC (atlikus pataisas direktyva 92/31/EEC),
kuriose buvo atliktos pataisos direktyva 93/68/EEC.
Markirovka SE ukazyvaet na to, ^to dannoe oborudovanie sootvetstvuet Direktive 73/23/EEC i Direktive 89/
(s izmeneniqmi v sootvetstvii s Direktivoj 92/31/EEC) s izmeneniqmi, predpisyvaemymi Direktivoj

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MultiPASS L60 User's Manual
Notice for Connection to Telecommunication Systems in
the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland
Approval Number 607912
Your Canon MultiPASS L60 has been approved against the requirements of
NTR3 for use in the UK. The CE mark is applied in respect of the requirements
of 72/23 EEC and 89/336 EEC.
It is intended for connection to analogue two wire public telecommunication
Connect the supplied cable to this socket first, then to the telephone line.
This socket is intended for connection of the Canon optional telephone. If
required, an adapter to connect any piece of approved telecommunications
apparatus is available from your Canon supplier.
Canon recommend that any additional equipment connected in the installation is
connected to this "handset" socket. Do not connect additional equipment
through parallel sockets elsewhere on the telephone line.
Voltage and current available at these sockets is determined by the network to
which the line cable is connected. They will not normally exceed the limits for
TNV as described in EN60950.
Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) = 1
The REN is a guide to help calculate the maximum number of items of apparatus
that will ring when connected simultaneously to one phone line. The total RENs
of the individual items should not exceed 4. Correct ringing may not always be
possible even when total REN does not exceed 4. The REN value of a BT
telephone is assumed to be 1 unless otherwise marked.
This equipment is not intended or recommended for making calls to emergency

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MultiPASS L60 User's Manual
EMC Directive
This equipment has been tested in a typical system to comply with the technical
requirements of the EMC directive. Use of a shielded cable is necessary to
comply with the technical requirements of the EMC Directive.