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Applications Guide
channels and 16 auxiliary
returns for 48 total inputs
aux sends
analog mic/line inputs with
phantom power for condenser
mics and analog inserts
channels of TDIF and 8
channels of ADAT built in
expansion card slots sup-
port optional FireWire, ADAT,
AES/EBU, Analog & TDIF cards
Dedicated cascade port supports
cascade of two DM-3200s
Per channel LED ring encoders
and alternate fader layers for pan,
aux sends and EQ
Built-in DAW control
Transport controls
Powerful automation with touch-
sensitive motorized faders
EQ and compression on each
Built-in effects processing
Flexible routing
Offload data to convenient
Compact Flash media using
built-in CF slot
Optional MU-1000 meter bridge
(as shown)
Stylish, professional design with
rear panel I/O connections
TASCAM Mixer Companion soft-
ware (Win®XP/OSX) with driver-
less USB connection to computer,
backup/restore data via USB and
on-screen timecode,transport and
meter displays
DM-3200 32-channel Digital Mixing Console
Whether you're recording a big
band, juggling a live event, or
mixing down from DAW tracks in a
home studio, the DM-3200 is the ul-
timate conduit between you and the
perfect mix.
The DM-3200 is a 32-channel digital
console with 16 additional returns, for
a total of 48 inputs available during
mixdown. Each channel has four-band
Hidden away on the rear panel are
high-quality mic pres with phantom
power and analog inserts, a plethora of
TDIF, ADAT, AES and S/PDIF digital I/O
and two expansion slots for customiz-
ing your connections to recorders and
workstations. One of the most unique
expansion cards is the IF-FW/DM,
which provides multichannel audio
I/O to a computer over a single FireWire
parametric EQ, dynamics and access to
the 16 busses and 8 aux sends. You get
all of these features at 96kHz resolu-
tion too ­you don't lose any inputs or
processing at high resolution.
The mixer surface is easy to oper-
ate, with dedicated buttons for most
commonly-used features, 17 great-feel-
ing 100mm motorized faders and 16
encoders with LED displays. The DM-
includes Mackie ControlTM and
HUITM emulation for controlling DAW
recording and playback, presented on a
dedicated fader layer. All of the settings
in the board can be stored or recalled
with a single button press and even
backed up to a Compact Flash card.
connection with no need to buy a
computer interface. Another expan-
sion card adds powerful surround
monitoring ­ including downmixing
and bass management ­ for 5.1 and 6.1
Two built-in effects processors can
each run the TC WorksTM Reverb pro-
cessor. Many of the features that made
the DM-24 successful, like powerful
automation, routing, and a simple
user interface have been carried over
and improved upon for a fast, reliable,
great-sounding mix solution.

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Applications Guide
Music Tracking
Post Production and Gaming
there are certain features that musicians
and producers demand from a recording console.
The DM-3200 gives you eight aux sends so that you
can give individual cue mixes to each musician
and have some left over to buss to the two built-in
effects. It has a professional control room section
with talkback mic and slate functions as well as
three playback source selection switches.
For recording large ensembles you get 16 micro-
phone preamps, each with analog insert, phantom
power (selectable in groups of four) and a ­20dB
pad switch. Four assignable analog inputs are pro-
vided, for inserting your favorite tube compressor
on a console channel, or you can use the 4-band
EQ and dynamics found on every channel.
When the sound is dialed in, send that channel
to its own track with the Direct button or combine
inputs to the 16 busses. There are plenty of digital
and analog I/O options to combine stand-alone hard
disk recorders (like the TASCAM X-48), analog tape
recorders or computer-based DAW recorders. The
affordable DM-3200 handles all of the routing and
bussing you need in a professional studio, allowing
you to concentrate on running your session.
in stereo, and when you start working on
surround projects, managing and monitoring all
of the ins and outs becomes more like air traffic
control. The DM-3200 becomes your control center
for mixing large projects with dozens of channels.
It can mix your tracks with one snapshot, and with
two button presses you're ready to transfer them
to a dubber or video deck.
Just connect your DAW interface,like Digidesign's
Digital I/O for Pro Tools®, to one of the digital
connections on the rear panel (or use our optional
IF-FW/DM FireWire interface card). The DM-3200
even acts as a HUI controller for Pro Tools, allowing
you to mix some channels in the DAW and others
in the console.
The DM-3200 is an outstanding choice for mix-
ing in surround, with 5.1 and even 6.1 automated
panning. The 16 busses become two surround
busses in surround mode, allowing you to buss
channels to discrete stems. The optional IF-SM/DM
Surround Monitoring card provides downmixing
to stereo, individual output solo/mute and bass
management features to the console.

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Applications Guide
Project Studio Recording
the DM-3200, and it becomes the ultimate
computer interface and mixing surface for your
workstation software. The IF-FW/DM allows a single
FireWire cable to transmit 32 channels from your
computer to the DM-3200 and another 16 chan-
nels back to the computer for recording. Using this
expansion card, no other interface or hardware is
needed for 48kHz recording to a computer.
The DM-3200 has a fader layer, labeled"Remote,"
that's dedicated to controlling the mixing facilities
in your DAW software. There are two modes of
control: Mackie Control and Mackie HUI emula-
tion. The DM-3200's solid transport keys can be
mapped to your software in any fader layer, and
adjustments to your software mixer is a fader
layer away.
Live Sound and House of Worship
choice for sound reinforcement. Its 16 mic in-
puts give you plenty of channels for performances
or services, and more mic inputs can be added as
needed using external rackmount preamps with
digital outputs. Each of the 32 channels features
four-band parametric EQ, gating and compression
processing. Two built-in effects processors can ac-
cess a variety of great-sounding effects processors,
including a reverb processor by TC Works.
If you're the one installing the DM-3200 into a
facility, you can program a variety of settings and
back up your programs to a Compact Flash card.
Recalling snapshots is done using dedicated buttons
on the front panel, so loading a mixer setting is as
simple as changing channels on a TV remote.
The rear panel of the DM-3200 is well-stocked
with balanced and digital I/O, allowing ample con-
nectivity to crossovers, as well as CD and cassette
recorders such as our popular CC-222 mkII.
The DM-3200 + IF-FW/DM combination gives
you the best of both worlds: computer recording
and DAW control with world-class mixing, auto-
mation and monitoring features.

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IF-FW/DM FireWire interface card
IF-AD/DM 8-channel ADAT Optical I/O card
IF-AE/DM AES-EBU interface card
IF-AN/DM balanced analog I/O
IF-SM/DM Surround Monitoring card
IF-TD/DM TDIF digital I/O card
MU-1000 Meter Bridge
Applications Guide
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DM-3200 Connections
(16) XLR analog mic/line inputs with phantom
power for condenser mics
(16) W"
TRS analog inserts
balanced W" TRS line inputs
(3x) 8-channel TDIF digital ins and outs
-channel ADAT optical digital in and out
(2) expansion card slots support optional
FireWire, ADAT, AES/EBU, Analog & TDIF cards
(listed below)
(2) stereo AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs
on XLR connectors
(2) stereo S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs
on coaxial connectors
Stereo XLR balanced line outputs
Stereo W" TRS balanced Monitor outputs
Stereo RCA Studio outputs
Stereo RCA 2-Track input
(4) W"
TRS balanced Assignable Insert sends
(4) W"
TRS balanced Assignable Insert returns
RCA Timecode input
MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors
BNC Word Sync Input and Out/Thru with termination
GPI output for control of external devices
RS-422 connector for machine control
USB 1.1 connector
Footswitch jack
Dedicated cascade port supports cascade of two
DM-3200 mixers
Connector for (optional) MU-1000 meter bridge
Available Options