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Table of contents
What you can do with MS Import/
Export application ................................ 4
Installing .............................................. 5
Installing CLIE applications using MS
Import/Export ....................................... 6
Using your CLIE handheld as a
removable disk .................................... 8

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What you can do with MS Import/Export
Both MS Import and MS Export are applications to copy the data on your
computer to the "Memory Stick" media on your CLIE handheld directly
without performing HotSync operation.
When copying the data on your computer
You have to use both Memory Stick (MS) Import application for your CLIE
handheld and Memory Stick (MS) Export software for your computer at the
same time.
Before using MS Import/Export
You have to install MS Import application on your CLIE handheld and MS
Export on your computer (page 5).
Installing CLIE applications without performing HotSync operation
Using MS Import/Export, you can install application files (.prc or .pdb) for
your CLIE handheld without performing HotSync operation.
Using your CLIE handheld as a removable disk
Using MS Import/Export, you can use your CLIE handheld as a removable
disk from Windows desktop on your computer. You can not only read the
data stored in the "Memory Stick" media on your CLIE handheld from your
computer, but write data to the "Memory Stick" media from your computer.

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Before install MS Import application to your CLIE handheld and MS Export
software to your computer, perform procedures in the Chapter 2 of Read
This First manual on your first setup of your CLIE handheld.
1 Insert the installation CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive of your
The setup program starts automatically.
2 Click to select Install CLIE Add-on Software.
3 Click to select Install Memory Stick Import/Export.
The installation starts.
Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
After the installation is completed, the installation screen reappears.
4 Click Exit
The installation of MS Export software ends.
5 Press the HotSync button on the cradle.
MS Import application is installed on your CLIE handheld during the
HotSync operation.