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By Dan Newman
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Training and Customization
Professional training and customization services from a ScanSoft-certified Appli-
cations Solutions Partner can help you achieve the maximum return on your in-
vestment. If you would like to unleash the full potential of Dragon
NaturallySpeaking® software, please contact one of our Partners for training, cus-
tomization, and more.
ScanSoft Application Solution Partners are the best in the industry; distinguished
by their expertise, experience, and commitment to providing top-level services
for Dragon NaturallySpeaking® speech recognition products.
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About the Author
Dan Newman is president of Say I Can, Inc., a leading reseller of
speech-recognition products and training services. A computer expert and
skilled teacher, Dan is the author of several books about speech recogni-
tion, including Talk to Your Computer and The Dragon NaturallySpeaking®
Guide. Dan has written for many publications, including PC Magazine and
Speech Technology, and has appeared on the PBS television show Computer
Chronicles. He recently created his first instructional video presentation,
Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 6 Video Guide, which helps people use Dragon
NaturallySpeaking® speech-recognition software most effectively.
Dan's Video Guide is a CD-ROM-based video presentation that runs on your
computer and is designed for both new and experienced users of Dragon
NaturallySpeaking® software. In the Video Guide, Dan guides you visually
through key Dragon NaturallySpeaking® version 6 topics and skills, demon-
strating expert techniques and insider secrets. He shows you how to fix mis-
takes quickly, automate tedious tasks, browse the Web hands-free, boost
accuracy, and more. You can see the complete list of topics covered and
download free sample video lessons at
In addition to the Video Guide, Say I Can offers many other speech- recogni-
tion products and services. Their innovative "Web Training" service pro-
vides liv e one-on-one training over the Internet, allowing you to
conveniently learn how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking®
software from an expert. Other items available include digital recorders, spe-
cialty microphones, and volume licenses of Dragon NaturallySpeaking® soft-
ware. For more information, please call
1-877-Say-I-Can or visit
This is a screen shot of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 6 Video Guide. For more information,
please visit the Say I Can Web site at

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May 2002. Version 6.1 Preferred, Standard, and Essentials editions.
This publication may not include some last-minute technical changes and/or revisions to the software. Changes are periodically made to
the information described here. Future versions of this manual will incorporate these changes.
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5,915,236; 5,920,836; 5,949,886; 5,960,394; 6,064,959; 6,088,671; 6,092,043; 6,092,044; 6,101,468; 6,151,575; 6,163,768; 6,167,377; 6,212,498.
No part of this manual or software may be reproduced in any form or by any means, including, without limitation, electronic or mechanical,
such as photocopying or recording, or by any information storage and retrieval systems, without the express written consent of ScanSoft,
Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Copyright © 2002 ScanSoft, Inc. All rights reserved.
Portions copyright © 1999­2001 Dan Newman. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking User's Guide
Introduction 1
About this guide
What's new in version 6?
What should I expect from Dragon NaturallySpeaking?
Installing and Training 7
System requirements
Plug in the microphone
Plug in the speakers
Install the software
Create a new user
Audio Setup
New user training
Training problems and solutions
Starting to Dictate 25
Turning the microphone on and off
Sleeping and waking up
Online Help
The DragonBar
Correcting and Editing 35
The Correction menu
Selecting text by voice
Moving around in a document
Copying, cutting, and pasting text
Copying text to other programs
Deleting text
Keyboard editing shortcuts
Spelling as you dictate
Formatting 53
Capitalizing text
Formatting text