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Basic Home Theater in a Box Package
· 420 Watt Total System Power
· 70 Watts x 6 Receivers
· 100-watt slim center speaker lets you hear virtually every whisper
· State-of-the-art decoding: Dolby® Digital, dts®, Dolby Pro Logic®, Dolby Pro Logic® II
· Transform your sound-scape with 32-bit digital signal processing
Digital Input Due to the growing popularity of portable Dolby Digital® and dts® encoded products with digital optical outputs,
the ability to easily hook these portable and transportable products up quickly is a great benefit to the customer. Traditionally, a
customer would have to turn a unit around to hook up their product.
Dolby® Pro Logic® II Decoding Creating a full 5.1 channel surround system requires only a stereo source. Imagine listening to
the radio, a CD, or an old VCR tape in full surround sound. Anything that is stereo can be converted to digital signal and
distributed to your front, surround, subwoofer, and center speaker for wonderful surround effects.
Matched Speakers Sony's speaker packages are designed using precision crossover assemblies to ensure that all speakers
blend and recreate a seamless soundstage. Today's discrete digital surround formats are able to reproduce the same sound
throughout every speaker. If a variance in speaker drivers, crossover settings, or driver material occurs from one speaker to the
next, the pitch and surround illusion can suffer. Sony speakers are designed using matching driver compliments and crossovers
to ensure perfect blending.

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Basic Home Theater in a Box Package
For more information:
· STR-K660P Receiver 70 Watts x 5
(8 ohms 1 kHz, 0.7% THD)+ 70W
for the Subwoofer
· SS-VE66P Speaker Package
· SS-WMSP66 Subwoofer
· Pre-programmed Universal
Remote Commander® Remote
Receiver Section
· STR-K660P
· Power Output Stereo 70 Watts x 2
(8 ohms 40 - 20,000 Hz, 0.09%
· Multi-Channel Output 70 Watts x 5
(8 ohms 1 kHz, 0.7% THD)
· Dolby® Digital, dts® Dolby Pro
Logic® II Decoding
· Digital Cinema SoundTM System
(Cinema Studio EX)
· Tuner with 20 FM + 10 AM Station
· Digital Signal Processing (DSP
type) 32 Bit
· Inputs and Outputs: 1 Coaxial
Digital Input
· Inputs and Outputs: 1 Optical
Digital Input
· Inputs and Outputs: Headphone
jack 1/4" Type
· Inputs and Outputs: Analog Audio
Inputs x 2
· Inputs and Outputs: Analog Audio
Output x 1
· Convenience Features A/V Remote
Commander® Remote Control
· SS-VE66P
· Subwoofer Satellite System
Contains 1 Subwoofer, Slim Center
Speaker, 4 Satellite Speakers
· Magnetically Shielded Front,
Center, Rear, Subwoofer
· 8" Woofer
· Power Requirements AC120V, 60
· Power Consumption TBD
· FM Tuner Section 87.5-108.0 MHz
· AM Tuner Section 530-1,710 kHz
Center Speaker
· Power Handling 100 Watts
· Sensitivity 85 dB
· Speaker Impedance 8 Ohm
· Speaker System 1 Way
· Speaker Unit 3 1/4"
Front/Rear Speaker
· Power Handling 100 Watts
· Sensitivity 86 dB
· Speaker Impedance 8 ohm
· Speaker System 1 Way
· Speaker Unit Front/Rear Full
Range Woofer 3 1/4"
· Speaker System Bass Reflex
· Speaker Unit Subwoofer Driver
Size 8"
Weights and Measurements
· Front/Rear Dimensions 4.7" x 4.8"
x 4" (120 x 122 x 100)
· Front/Rear Weights 1.7 lbs. (.8 kg)
· Center Dimensions 4.7" x 4.8" x 4"
(120 x 122 x 100mm)
· Center Weights 2.2 lbs. (1 kg)
· Subwoofer Dimensions 10.6" x
12.7" x 13" (270 x 325 x 333mm)
· Subwoofer Weights 13.2 lbs. (6 kg)
· Receiver Dimensions TBD
· Receiver Weight TBD
Supplied Accessories
· Instruction Manual
· Speaker Cable
· Mono RCA Cord x 1
· Digital Coaxial RCA Cord x 1
· Remote Commander® Remote
Control RM-PP411
Optional Accessories
· WS-FV11D - Floor Speaker Stands
(1 pair)
· WS-WV10D - Wall Mount Speaker
Brackets (1 pair)
UPC Codes
· 0272426436660
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