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About This Manual
General notes
Using this manual
Read Carefully
About trademarks
About pictures and images
Software Usage Contract
Chapter 1 Before Use
Chapter 2 Capture
Chapter 3 Album
Chapter 4 Movie Editing
Chapter 5 Layout
Chapter 6 Image Editor
Introduction About This Manual
General notes
This manual is an HTML document which explains the functions of PIXELA
ImageMixer Ver.1.0 for Sony (henceforth, 'ImageMixer').
This manual does not explain the basics of Windows or Macintosh operating
systems. Basic operations, such as working with individual windows, are
based on general usage of Windows and Macintosh.
Screenshots may differ slightly depending on each company's bundling of this
Most screenshots currently used in this manual relate to the Windows
version. The screenshots for Windows and Macintosh differ slightly.
Moreover, images may vary according to monitor specifications.
Due to the fact that the most recent information related to this software has
not been added to the manual, please consult the Read Me file, included on
the CD-ROM.
Using this manual
This manual explains all ImageMixer's many functions. Any item can be referenced
by clicking the menu (table of contents) displayed on left-hand side of the screen.
Blue text indicates a link. Clicking it will display the relevant item.Once that
item has been displayed, the link will appear in purple text.
The end of the page can be referenced by clicking
The beginning of the page can be referenced by clicking
The preceding page (or preceding item) can be referenced by clicking
The following page (or following item) can be referenced by clicking
Issues of particular importance are indicated in red text. Please read them
The latest information on ImageMixer can be found on our home page:
Copyright © 2001 PIXELA Corp. All rights reserved.

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Introduction Read Carefully
About trademarks
'Windows ®' is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S.
and other countries.
The official name of Windows is Microsoft ® Windows ® Operating System.
Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
In addition, the company names and brand names referenced in this manual
are themselves the trademarks, registered trademarks, and products of the
respective companies.
1. All rights related to the user manual and software produced by our company
(henceforth, 'product'), both of which are stored on the installation CD-ROM,
belong solely to PIXELA Corporation.
2. Unauthorized reproduction or reprinting of the contents of the product, or
any portion thereof, is strictly prohibited.
3. The contents of this product are subject to change without notice.
4. PIXELA Corp. offers no guarantees for this product. Moreover, PIXELA Corp.
assumes no responsibility for damage caused as the result of defects in this
product (directly, indirectly, as a special case or in inevitable cases) even
once an announcement has been made that such damage may occur. By the
same token, PIXELA Corp. assumes no responsibility for costs incurred in the
reproduction or recovery of any lost computer programs or data, when such
loss is associated with the use of this computer program when included in
another application.
All the rights to the picture data (including text characters) included in the
product CD-ROM are protected by accompanying copyrights based on the
Copyright Act.
No persons other than the copyright holder may engage in the sale, rental,
transfer, or reproduction of this material without the consent of the copyright
holder. Violations to the Copyright Act are subject to criminal punishment.
Use of the picture data on this CD-ROM is permitted for individual use only.
The image data on this CD-ROM may not be duplicated for business
purposes. Moreover, neither corrected nor altered parts of the data may be
used for business purposes.

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About pictures and images
Keep in mind that pictures and images which may used with ImageMixer may
be protected or otherwise forbidden, irrespective of their purpose or use.
As for general literary property, the approval of the rightful claimant of the
work is required except in the case of personal use.
Duplicating any type of currency, negotiable instruments, securities, etc., is
illegal and punishable by law.
Duplicating licenses, passports, various kinds of certificates, official
documents, private documents, etc., is illegal and punishable by law.
Copyright © 2001 PIXELA Corp. All rights reserved.

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Introduction Software Product Use
Consent Contract
You are permitted by PIXELA, Inc., according to the following use consent
conditions of this use consent contract (henceforth, "this contract") to the
nonexclusive, nontransferable right to use the software program (henceforth, "this
program") and its add-ons, such as the user guide.
Consented matter
You are granted the nonexclusive, nontransferable right to install and use one copy
of this program on a single computer.
The primary user of this program may copy parts thereof for backup purposes,
with all usage rights, as set forth in this contract, remaining exclusive to the
primary user.
Prohibited matter
This program cannot be used on a network. When it is used by two or more
computers on a network, a royalty is required to be paid to PIXELA, Inc. for each
additional computer.
Third person use or the use of this program by the method of re-use consent,
transfer, distribution, loan, or others, is not allowed.
You may not correct, alter, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble all or part
of this program. You may not allow a third person to perform such an act.
Termination of contract

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When a customer reproduces this program or its add-ons without permission or
breaks the above-mentioned consent conditions, this contract is automatically
terminated, and other legal action may be taken by PIXELA, Inc. Upon termination
of this contract, this program, its add-ons, and all duplicates thereof, shall be
returned to PIXELA, Inc., or abandoned.
Guarantee and exemption from responsibility
This program, its add-ons, and the productions thereof, may not conform to your
specific purpose, notwithstanding any representations, express or tacit. Moreover,
PIXELA, Inc. does not guarantee that the functions of this program will agree with
your needs, or that there are neither discontinuities nor errors in the functions of
this program.
PIXELA, Inc. does not take any responsibility for direct or indirect loss or damage
accompanying or related to the use of this program, nor for any disputes arising
between the customer and any third party related to use of this program or caused
by this program.
Copyright © 2001 PIXELA Corp. All rights reserved.