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Operating instructions
Mode d'emploi
Table top stand
Pied de table

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Thank you for buying Pioneer's product.
Please read through the Operating Instructions to learn
how to operate your model safely and properly.
Please be advised to keep the Operating Instructions in
your place for future reference.
Cautions ................................................................... 2
Checking the Standard Accessories ...................... 3
Assembling the Stand ............................................ 3
Attaching the Plasma Display ................................ 4
Installing the Product on a TV table etc. .............. 5
Preventing Equipment from Falling Over ............. 6
Preparing the cables ............................................... 7
Detaching the Plasma Display from the Stand .... 7
Specifications .......................................................... 8
Dimensions Diagram .............................................. 8
¶ Consult your dealer if you encounter any difficulties
with this installation.
¶ Pioneer is not liable for any damage resulting from
improper installation, improper use, modification, or
natural disasters.
This product is a table top stand exclusively designed for
Plasma Display (PRO-1540HD) from Pioneer. Use with
other model is capable of resulting in instability causing
possible injury. For further information, please contact the
store where you purchased your display.
Do not install or modify the product other than specified.
Do not use this stand for a Plasma Display other than those
designated and do not modify it or use it for other
Improper installation is extremely dangerous because it
may result in it falling over or other accident.
Installation Location
· Select a location that is strong enough to support the
weight of the stand and the displays.
· Make sure to place it in a level and stable location.
· Do not install it outdoors, at a hot spring, or near a beach.
· Do not install the stand where it may be subjected to
vibration or shock.
Assembling and Installation
· Assemble the stand in accordance with the assembly
instructions and securely attach all screws at the
designated locations.
There have been cases where unforeseen accidents
such as the equipment breaking or falling over
occurred after the installation of the display because
the stand was not installed as instructed.
· The display must always be installed by two or more
people to assure it is installed safely.
· Before installation, turn off the power for the display
and peripheral devices then remove the power cord
plug from the power outlet.
Prevent accidents caused by the product falling over by
taking reliable measures to prevent it from falling over (see
Page 6).
This symbol refers to a hazard or unsafe practice which
can result in personal injury or property damage.
Record the model number and serial number of this
equipment below.
Model No. PDK-1015
Serial No.
Keep these numbers for future use.

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Checking the Standard Accessories
Check to make sure that you have all the standard accessories before assembly and installation.
· Note that a Phillips screwdriver (not included) is required for assembly.
Base cover x 1
Stand pipes
(left and right, interchangeable) x 2
(M5 x 10 mm: silver) x 6
Installation bolts
(M6 x 20 mm: black) x 4
Operating instructions
(this document) x 1
Assembling the Stand
Assembly Procedure
1 Turn the base cover over so the underside
is facing up.
When the base cover is turned over, be very careful not
to scratch or damage the front surface of the base cover.
2 Insert the stand pipes into the base cover.
3 Tighten the screws to stabilize the stand
Assemble the stand with a soft sheet placed under the
base cover.
If a sheet is not laid before assembly, the front surface of
the base cover may be scratched.
Due to the manufacturing process of the base cover, there
may be a "weld line" exposed in the plastic. Note that this
will not cause any damage to the product, and does not
reflect any flaws in the product design.
Cable clamps x 2
Operating instructions
Mode d'emploi
Table top stand
Pied de table
Base cover
(M5 x 10 mm: silver)
Stand pipe
Stand pipe
(M5 x 10 mm: silver)

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Attaching the Plasma Display
The weight of a Plasma Display is about 50 kg
(110 lbs), they have no depth, and are unstable.
Therefore, at least two people must assemble and
install them.
Attachment Method
1 Attaching the Plasma Display to the stand.
Fit the stand's support columns to the bottom of the
Plasma Display as indicated by the arrows, then slowly
insert them vertically. Be extremely careful not to insert the
support columns of the stand into any part of the Plasma
Display other than the stand insertion slots. Note that doing
so might damage the Plasma Display panel or its ports or
result in the warping of the stand.
Line up the column
supports with the
bottom of the Plasma
Display as indicated
in the accompanying
2 Securing the Plasma Display with
Installation bolts.
Attach the Plasma Display at the points indicated below
using the phillips screwdriver.
Installation bolts
(M6 x 20 mm: black)
Be sure to install it on a flat stable location.
Insert the screws in the holes vertically and tighten them

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Hold the Plasma Display by the handle at the bottom, with
your other hand hold the top.
Installation precautions
Make sure that you always secure a space at least as large
as that shown in the following diagram in front of and
behind the table top stand.
Plasma Display
TV table
Table top stand
Min. 30 mm
(1-3/16 inch)
Min. 30 mm
(1-3/16 inch)
Installing the Product on a TV table etc.
Be sure to observe the following precautions when moving
or installing this product with a Plasma Display into a TV
table or other enclosure.
When installing on a TV table, etc., please be sure
that the Plasma Display is held by two people.
Precautions when moving
When moving the product more than a few
meters, first remove the speaker, then remove
the Plasma Display from the stand and move the
speaker, Plasma Display, and stand separately.
When detaching the Plasma Display from the
stand, be sure to follow the procedure described
in "Detaching the Plasma Display from the
Stand" on page 7.
Precautions when installing in a TV
table or other enclosure
When installing in a TV table or other enclosure, hold
the Plasma Display by the handle at the bottom, with
your other hand hold the top. If you hold the speakers,
they may be damaged or twisted.
Do not hold the speaker
Except side speaker model
Hold the Plasma Display by the handle at the bottom, with
your other hand hold the top.