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Installation Manual
1. Drive Unit Connection
1.1 Adding the DVD-ROM to a configuration with one
IDE Hard Disk
Set DVD-A01/DVD-101 to SL (Slave mode) by setting a
jumper on the rear side. Make sure the Hard Disk is set to
IDE Master mode (Check your Hard Disk's documentation
for details).
1.2 Connecting the DVD-ROM to an IDE card
MA (Master mode) or SL (Slave mode) are both valid settings.
2. OS Specific Information
2.1 MS-DOS
If your OS is MS-DOS (or IBM PC-DOS), then perform the
following steps:
2.1.1 Copy from floppy disk
Copy the file ATAPI_CD.SYS to your Hard Disk.
2.1.2 Modify CONFIG.SYS
After connecting the DVD-ROM drive and copying the device
driver to the Hard Disk, add the following line to
Valid options for this device driver are listed below. In most
cases however, you don't need to specify any options. In case
no options are specified, the driver will search for the DVD-
A01/DVD-101 automatically. If the device driver loads
successfully but the DVD-ROM can't be accessed, you must
specify the LASTDRIVE line in CONFIG.SYS.
Setting device driver options:
/S:x ------> DVD-ROM Drive ID.
This determines the setting of the drive to Master or Slave
and the connection to the Primary or Secondary IDE channel.
x = 0: Master Drive on Primary IDE Channel
1: Slave Drive on Primary IDE Channel
2: Master Drive on Secondary IDE Channel
3: Slave Drive on Secondary IDE Channel
/D: *******
CD-ROM Device name
If you do not specify this option, a default CD-ROM Device
name is used: "MSCD001".
In case you copied the device driver to a sub-directory, specify
the FULL PATH name in the "DEVICE=..... " line in
2.1.3 Modify AUTOEXEC.BAT
Add the following line to AUTOEXEC.BAT:
Make sure the CD-ROM Device name is the same as in
(In case you didn't specify this option in CONFIG.SYS, specify
2.2 MS-Windows Ver. 3.xx (Ver. 3.1, Ver. 3.11, for
In case the DVD-A01/DVD-101 is connected to the Primary
IDE Channel and the IDE Hard Disk is set to Master mode,
the "32bitDiskAccess" parameter in the Windows
SYSTEM.INI file should be set to OFF.
This can be achieved in two ways:
Double-click Control Panels, then double-click "386
Enhanced" and check off the "32bitDiskAccess" checkbox.
Click OK and restart.
Experienced users can edit the SYSTEM.INI file in the
Windows directory:
32bitDiskAccess = OFF
2.3 Windows NT (Upper Ver. 3.5)
After connecting the DVD-A01/DVD-101 to the primary IDE
Channel in Slave mode, install Windows NT. Then the DVD-
ROM drive will be automatically recognized.
If you are adding the DVD-A01/DVD-101 to an existing
Windows NT installation, refer to the Windows NT
documentation. (The DVD-A01/DVD-101 can be installed as
an ATAPI device)
2.4 Windows 95
After connecting the DVD-A01/DVD-101 to the primary or
secondary IDE channel, refer to section 2.1 and install the
(MS-)DOS device driver (ATAPI_CD.SYS).
If you are adding the DVD-A01/DVD-101 to Windows 95,
the DVD-A01/DVD-101 will be automatically recognized.
Copying & distribution of this device driver is
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