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Speaker Stand
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Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. The speaker stands
CP-LX70 and CP-LX70TS should only be used with the S-LX70-LR
Pioneer speaker system. Please read through these operating
instructions for proper assembly and use. After you have finished
reading the instructions, put them away in a safe place for future
· Pioneer is not responsible for any accidents or damage that
result from improper installation, misuse or modification of the
product, or natural disasters.
· Only use the screws supplied when fixing the speaker to the
speaker stand. Speakers may fall and incur damages if not fixed
in place properly.
· Only use Pioneer S-LX70-LR Speakers with this stand. Other
speakers may not balance properly, causing them to fall and
potentially injure persons nearby.
· Be careful when assembling and moving the speaker stand, as
it may cause damage or injury in the event of a fall.
· Do not place the stand on an unstable and/or sloping surface.
The stand and speaker may fall and cause injury.
Care of the speaker stands
· With normal use, wiping with a soft cloth should be sufficient
to keep the stand clean. If necessary, clean with a cloth dipped
in a neutral cleanser diluted five or six times with water, and
wrung out well. Do not use furniture wax or cleansers. Never
use alcohol, thinners, benzine, insecticide sprays or other
chemicals on or near this unit since these will corrode the
surfaces. When using chemically-treated cloths, be sure to
carefully read their accompanying instruction manual.
Cleaning the speaker stand bases
· When cleaning the surface of the speaker stand bases, gently
wipe with the cleaning cloth supplied with the speaker system
· Wiping with a dusty or hard cloth, or applying too much force
when wiping may result in scratching of the surface of the
speaker stand base.
Confirm your Accessories
· Pillar x 2
· Stand base x 2
· Speaker security plate x 2
· Screw (Large) x 4
· Screw (Small) x 8
· Operating instructions
Illustrations of pillars and bases depict those for the CP-LX70.
Those for the CP-LX70TS are similar, but of slightly different sizes.
The Styrofoam cushioning material shown is used during
· CP-LX70
These speaker terminals carry
prevent the risk of electric shock when connecting or
disconnecting the speaker cables, disconnect the power cord
before touching any uninsulated parts.
material (Top)
material (Bottom)
material (Top)
material (Bottom) 2

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Installing the speaker stands
· Place the stand on a stable, level surface; placing the stand on
an unstable surface can be dangerous.
When placing the speaker, keep in mind that the tone is affected by
the position of the speaker.
If the bass is insufficient, move the speaker closer to the wall. The
richest bass sound is obtained when the speaker is right against
the wall. If the bass is too powerful, producing a muffled tone, move
the speaker away from the wall. Placing the speaker against a thick
curtain may also be effective.
Adjust the position as necessary to obtain optimal sound from your
Assembling the speaker stands
Make sure you assemble the stand on a flat surface that is relatively
soft (such as a carpet).
A medium-sized Phillips screwdriver is required for assembly.
· The Styrofoam cushions are used during assembly.
CP-LX70 only: Confirm that the surfaces with printing are
facing upwards and oriented as shown, then align the top
cushion on the bottom cushion as illustrated.
Run the speaker cable through the pillar and place the pillar
onto the stand base.
Place the pillar on a flat surface and cut the string that is strung
through the pillar. Tie the speaker cable coming out of the stand
base to the end string at the bottom of the pillar. Pull the end of the
string emerging from the top front side of the pillar to pull the
speaker cable up through the pillar.
· Remove the string once the speaker cable is through the pillar.
Next, stand the pillar upright and fit the bottom of the pillar into the
stand base, making sure that the pillar is aligned with the hole in
the stand base.
· When fitting the pillar into the stand base, make sure that the
speaker cable comes through the groove on the bottom of the
pillar and does not get pinched between the pillar and the stand
· Make sure not to scratch the surface of the stand base with the
pillar, as the decorative laminate of the stand base may scar
The pillars and speaker stand bases are designed with specific
directional orientation for assembly. During assembly, make sure
they are attached in the correct directions.
Front side
Rear side
material (Top)
material (Bottom) 3

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Securing the pillar onto the stand base.
While the pillar is fitted into the stand base, slowly place the stand
onto the groove of the cushioning material (places indicated in the
accompanying illustration) so that the rear side of the stand faces
upwards (securely hold both the pillar and the stand base when
doing this).
· Pillar and base for CP-LX70
· Pillar and base for CP-LX70TS
From the bottom side of the stand base, secure the pillar to the
stand base by screwing in 4 supplied screws (small).
Adjust the length of the speaker cable.
Adjust the length of the speaker cable to suit the height at which
the speaker is going to be installed. Viewing the height scale on the
backside of the pillar, adjust the length of the exposed speaker
cable using the following numbers as reference:
Scale: 0
Approx. 11 cm (4-1/2 in.)
Scale: 100
Approx. 15 cm (6 in.)
Scale: 170
Approx. 22 cm (9 in.)
· To shorten the speaker cable, adjust the length by pulling the
additional cable in the pillar from the hole in the bottom of the
stand base, and then push that extra cable into the hole where
the right or left cable passes, as shown in the illustration. If all
of the extra cable cannot be pressed into the hole, store the
remainder of the cable in the open space on the bottom of the
stand base.
Rest pillar here
Hold both pillar and stand base
material (Bottom)
Rest pillar here
Hold both pillar and stand base
Screws (small)
Height scale
Exposed speaker
cable length
of pillar
(When making the cord shorter) 4

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Preparing to attach the speaker.
CP-LX70: Temporarily place the speaker stand upright, and detach
the bottom cushion material, leaving only the top cushion on the
floor. Place the speaker on the top cushion and place the speaker
stand on top of the speaker.
CP-LX70TS: Temporarily stand the speaker stand upright, then turn
the bottom cushion material over and place the speaker on it. As
shown in the illustration, turn the top cushion material sideways
and orient it sideways to the stand, then rest the speaker stand
assembled in step 2 on it.
Connect the speaker cable to the speaker.
Pull the speaker cable through the front side of the pillar (the
bottom side during assembly) and connect to the terminals located
on the backside of the speaker.
· Connect the speaker cable with the marking to the (+) terminal,
and the cable without the marking to the (­) terminal.
· If connecting the cords proves to be difficult, slightly move the
position of the pillar and speaker.
Secure the speaker.
Once the speaker is placed in the installation position, pull the
slack of the speaker cord and store in the bottom side of the stand
base as shown in step 3.
Next, place the speaker security plate on the pillar, and secure to
the speaker using the supplied screws (large).
· The speaker security plates are designed with a directional
orientation in which they are to be installed. Attach them so
that the side printed with "TOP" is oriented toward the top of the
speaker and pillar.
Confirm that the speaker cable does not become pinched between
the pillar and the speaker.
material (Top)
material (Bottom)
material (Top)
(Rear side)
(Rear side)
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