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Use with a TV set
In general, Braun tubes used for color television sets are
extremely sensitive and can be affected even by the magnetism
of the earth. If a speaker system is used near them, therefore,
discoloration or distortion of pictures will occur. To allow use
with color television sets, etc., the SKC-101 Center Speaker
system is provided with magnetic shielding. Even so, discolora-
tion may still result, depending on the installation environment. If
discoloration occurs, turn off the television set, wait 15 to 30
minutes, and then turn it on again. This activates the self-
demagnetizing function of the television set, improving display
quality. If discoloration persists even after performing this
remedy, move the speaker further from the television set.
Discoloration may also be caused when a magnet or other
magnetized object is near the television because of the com-
bined effect.
435 mm
125 mm
115 mm
115 mm
165 mm
145 mm
Thank you for your purchase of the Onkyo speaker system.
Please read this manual thoroughly before using it.
Following the instructions in this manual will enable you to
obtain optimum performance and listening enjoyment from
your new speaker system.
Please retain this manual for future reference.
Before using this unit
The speaker cabinet is made of wood and sensitive to extreme
temperatures and humidity. Avoid placing the speaker system in
locations subjected to direct sunlight or in humid places such as
near an air conditioner, bathroom, or kitchen.
Be sure to turn off your amplifier before connecting the speaker
system. Connecting it while the amplifier is on may result in
damage to the amplifier or the speaker system.
Model name and dimentions
SKC-101 Center Speaker
Turn the sound volume to the minimum and disconnect the
power cord to the amplifier before connecting the speaker
The nominal impedance of this speaker system is 6 . Use
only amplifiers capable of handling this impedance.
Use the supplied speaker cables to connect between the
speaker's input terminals and the amplifier's speaker
terminals as illustrated below.
Be sure to connect the Right and Left surround speakers
with the amplifier's corresponding speaker terminals. Also,
be sure that you are connecting the speaker's positive (+)
and negative (­) input terminals with the amplifier's corre-
sponding positive and negative speaker terminals.
Otherwise, undesirable sound field or impaired bass-range
reproduction will result.
Before turning on the amplifier's power switch, pull lightly on
the speaker cables to ensure that they are connected
SKR-101 Surround Speaker
The speaker grille is not removable.
The speaker grille is not removable.
AV amplifier
Instruction Manual
Center Speaker System (SKC-101)
Surround Speaker System (SKR-101)
Precaution on use
This speaker system can handle the specified input power
when it is used for ordinary music reproduction. If the
following abnormal signals are fed to the speaker, however,
an overcurrent may flow in the internal circuits, causing
burning or breakage of the wires even if the input power is
below the specified rating.
1. Noise produced when FM station is not tuned in
2. Sound produced when fast-forwarding cassette tape
3. High-frequency sound generated by an oscillator, an
electronic musical instruments, etc.
4. Oscillating amplifier signals
5. Special test signals produced by audio checking CD, etc.
6. Sound produced when connecting or disconnecting
audio connection cables (Always turn off the amplifier's
power before connecting or disconnecting cables.)
7. Howling when a microphone is used

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Full range bass reflex
Maximum input power
100 W
Output sound pressure level
87 dB/W/m
Frequency response
63 Hz-20 kHz
Cabinet capacity
4 L
10-cm cone x 2
435 (W) x 125 (H) x 165 (D) mm
17-1/8" x 4-15/16" x 6-1/2"
(Including speaker grille)
2.6 kg, 5.7 lbs
Magnetic shielding
Full range accoustic suspension
Maximum input power
100 W
Output sound pressure level
83 dB/W/m
Frequency response
100 Hz-20 kHz
Cabinet capacity
2 L
10-cm cone
125 (W) x 217 (H) x 145 (D) mm
4-15/16" x 8-9/16" x 5-11/16"
(Including speaker grille)
1.2 kg, 2.6lbs
2.5-m speaker cable (1 pc.), 8-m speaker cable (2 pcs.)
Spacer (Black) (4 pcs.)
Cushioning pad (4 pcs.)
Instruction manual (1 pc.)
Specifications and appearance may subject to change for
improvement without prior notice.
Warranty Claim
You can find the serial number on the rear panel of the unit.
In case of warranty claim, please report this number.
Speaker care
Your Onkyo speakers are finished with a very high quality
polymer laminate covering that serves to protect the wood
speaker cabinet.
Wipe the cabinet periodically with a dry, silicon-embedded or
plain soft cloth.
The covering may be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with
water and a mild soap. Avoid the use of furniture polishes or
harsh cleansers.
Use a soft brush or hand vacuum cleaner to remove dust and
lint from the grille material.
For better-quality sound, observe the following precautions
when you install the speaker system:
· Placing the speaker system on several small-diameter
supports generally results in better sound than placing it
directly on a wide installation surface. Also note that high
quality bass cannot be obtained if the speaker system is
unstably positioned. Always use the supplied spacers (black)
or thin metal discs (such as coins) to seat the speaker
· Place the Right and Left surround speakers in similar
conditions. If they are placed in extremely different condi-
tions, left right channel balance will be adversely affected.
SKC-101 Center Speaker
Place the SKC-101 as close as possible to your television set,
for example, above or below the television set. Be sure to set
the SKC-101 firmly on the television set or other equipment so
that it cannot slip and fall. This is especially important if you
have small children. If the SKC-101 is to be placed on a televi-
sion set, be sure that:
· The supporting area of the TV is larger than that of the SKC
· The TV's support surface is flat and level.
· The TV is not placed on an unstable support.
If the SKC-101 is placed on a television set or other equipment,
use the supplied spacers (black) to protect the surface finish
and to prevent slipping. (Attach the spacers properly to the
bottom of the speaker, depending on the installation orientation.)
SKR-101 Surround Speaker
If the speakers are to be wall-mounted, make sure that the walls
are strong enough to support the speaker's weight. The weight
that mounting screws can support varies greatly depending on
the wall material and the position of the reinforcing ribs embed-
ded in the wall. Use the thickest and longest possible mounting
screws with mounting screw head diameters less than 10 mm
and shank diameters less than 4 mm (consult with your interior
designer or contractor).
Attach the supplied cushioning pads as shown to wall-mount the
speaker securely.
Cushioning pads