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Your Entré Home Entertainment System

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How to Use and Enjoy Your Entré Entertainment Hub
How to Use and Enjoy Your New
Kenwood Sovereign Entré
Welcome to the Use and Enjoy Guide to your new Kenwood Sovereign Entré.
With Entré, you can enjoy traditional media, like FM/AM radio, CDs, and
DVDs, alongside exciting new media, such as MP3s and Internet radio. Entré
allows you to control, organize and enjoy your collections from one easy-to-
navigate interface.
In fact, Entré's on-screen menus are so easy to use that you can begin
enjoying Entré right away, without even reading through this guide. Keep this
guide handy as a reference, and so you will be able to take full advantage of
Entré's more sophisticated features.
Many of Entré's features require Entré to be connected to the Internet, a
Kenwood Sovereign DVD/CD changer, Kenwood CD changer with CDDB
capability, and/or a Kenwood Sovereign Receiver. Features requiring external
products or services are noted throughout the manual.
Entré is a dynamic product. Software updates will allow Kenwood and
OpenGlobe to provide new functions and capabilities. Refer to the Kenwood
USA website at for the latest information regarding
your new Entré.
Use this guide to familiarize yourself with Entré's capabilities--and quickly
enjoy its state-of-the-art technology.
An electronic version of the complete guide to your Kenwood Entré Home
Entertainment System is available on line at the Kenwood USA website
( That guide combines both your setup guide and
How to Use and Enjoy Your Entré Entertainment Hub as an additional
OpenGlobe, the OpenGlobe logo,
CE-Commerce and entertain simplicity are
trademarks of OpenGlobe, Inc.
CDDB is a registered trademark of GraceNote.
All other trademarks are property of their registered owners.

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How to Use and Enjoy Your New Kenwood Sovereign Entré
How to Use and Enjoy Your Entré Entertainment Hub
How Do I Apply Power?
Read this section carefully to ensure safe operation.
Kenwood Sovereign Entré is designed for operation only on AC 120V current.
Entré must be connected to a 120V AC outlet that supplies constant voltage.
Do not use an outlet controlled by a switch, or the switched power outlet on
a receiver or other audio component.
How Do I Use My Entré Safely?
Read this section carefully to ensure safe operation.
Prevent electric shock:
·Do not expose your Entré to rain or moisture.
·Do not remove the cover.
There are no user-serviceable parts inside. If your Entré
requires repair, take it to an authorized service outlet.
The following icons indicate the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage
that may be of sufficient magnitude to cause electric shock:
How Does Entré Connect to the Internet?
Many of Entré's capabilities, including downloading CD information,
connecting to Internet radio stations, and automatic software updates, require
a specific type of Internet connection.
You must have a third-party Internet Service Provider (ISP) to access the
above-mentioned features.
You must have an ISP to enjoy Entré. If you don't already
have an ISP, you will be promted to obtain one from
OpenGlobe during the Quick Start Setup process (see
"How Do I Power-Up Entré for the Very First Time?" on
page 19) by calling a toll-free number.

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How Do I Reset Entré?
How to Use and Enjoy Your Entré Entertainment Hub
Because free ISPs, AOL, and CompuServe do not use
standard methods of Internet connectivity, and do not open
their networks to outside users, you cannot use these ISPs
with Entré.
How Do I Reset Entré?
If Entré fails to respond to front panel or remote commands or if it responds
erroneously, use the following procedure to reset it:
·Hold the POWER button down until the Standby Indicator begins to flash
on and off. Then release the POWER button.
· When the Standby Indicator stops flashing and is lit constantly, push the
button to turn Entré on.