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User Manual
For future references, record the serial number of your
display monitor, SERIAL No.
This monitor is
Star compliant when used with
a computer equipped with VESA DPMS.

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For U.K. Customers
Your monitor requires an electrical supply of 240 volts
50 Hertz
and should be protected by a 5 amp fuse. Your equipment is
supplied with a plug incorporating a 5 amp fuse fitted to the mains
lead. If the plug that is fitted to the equipment is not suitable for
your socket outlet, it must be cut off and the appropriate plug fitted.
The cut off plug should be disposed of, do not insert it into a 13
amp socket to prevent the hazard of electric shocks. With plugs not
incorporating a fuse, the circuit must be protected by a 5 amp fuse.
Your equipment is supplied with a mains lead, the wires of which
in accordance with the following code: Green and
Yellow-Earth, Blue-Neutral, Brown-Live.
to Earth
Blue to
Brown to Live

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As the
of the
in your mains lead in this equipment
may not correspond with the markings identified with the terminals
of your plug. proceed as follows:
The wire which is coloured Green and Yellow must be connected to
the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter E or by the
symbol or coloured Green or Green and
The wire which is coloured Brown must be connected to the
terminal which is marked
the letter L or coloured Red.
The wire which is coloured Blue must be connected to the terminal
which is marked N or colourcd Black
The plug moulded on to the cord incorporates a fuse. For
replacement, use a
amp BS 1362 fuse. Only ASTA
fuses should be used. The fuse cover/carrier must be refitted when
changing the fuse. In the event of losing the fuse cover/carrier, the
plug must not be used until a replacement has been obtained from
your nearest electrical
and fitted. The
of the fuse
cover/carrier is that of the coloured marks on the insert in the base
of the plug.

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Please read the following instructions carefully to prevent
potential hazards. This manual should be retained for future use.
1. Do not expose the monitor to rain, water, moisture, or direct
2. Do not spill liquid into the monitor
3. Do not insert any objects into the monitor cabinet's openings.
4. Do not place near or above sources of heat such as heaters or
5. Do not block or cover ventilation opening with any material.
The openings and slots on the cabinet provide necessary air
flow for heat dissipation.
The unit should never be enclosed
or built upon unless adequate ventilation is provided.
6. Do not remove the cover to try to service this unit. Servicing
of any nature should only be performed by authorized service
7. WARNING! Do not attempt to service this unit yourself as
opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous
voltage or other hazards.
8. The On/Off switch is not a disconnecting device. Make sure
to remove the AC power cord after using.
9. When the monitor is turned on continuously for a long period,
the phosphors of the CRT face plate may "bum" leaving a
permanent image on the screen. In order to preserve CRT life,
be sure to turn off the monitor or decrease the displayed
intensity when not in use.