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Digital Voice Recorder
Includes Dragon Naturally SpeakingTM Preferred Software
Up to 696 Minutes of Recording Time
USB Compatible for Hi-Speed Transfer Rate to a PC-Includes Digital Voice Editor Software
Choice of Stereo, SP and LP Recording Modes: Stereo­85 Min, SP­250 Min, LP­696 Min
Digital "Voice-Up" Function
Multi-Directional Microphone + Directional Microphone Mode
Overwrite (Correction) Function
High Quality Sound--"LPECTM CODEC"
Advanced Digital VOR (Voice Operated Recording)
5 File Folders
Priority Function
Voice E-Mail Function
Slim Style Design
Easy to Use Playback/Edit Function
Digital Pitch Control/Playback Speed Control
Full Function LCD Display
One Button Play from Record
Incremental Rewind (Easy Search)
32MB Built-In Flash Memory
Built-In Playback Speaker
Record-Pause Function
Add-Recording Function
Battery Strength LCD
Hold Switch
A­B Repeat Function
Hi/Lo Mic Sensitivity
Stereo Earphone and Microphone Jacks
LED Operation Indicators (Record/Play)
Optional FS-85USB Transcription Kit
Step-up Feature
New Feature

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v Includes Dragon Naturally SpeakingTM Preferred Voice to Print
Software to easily convert your recorded files into text
· Up to 696 Minutes Recording Time is available on the integrated
circuit chip which may be recorded over and used again
· USB Compatible for Fast Transfer Rate to a PC Includes Digital
Voice Editor Software via USB port on a PC
· Choice of Stereo, SP and LP Recording Modes: ST­85min,
SP­250 Min, LP­696 Min
· Digital Voice-Up Function increases the volume of the person
speaking when recorded at a distance from the unit
· Multi-Directional Microphone + Directional Microphone Mode
easily adjusts the direction of the microphone to improve the
recording quality
v Overwrite Correction Function allows the user to rewind to a location
and re-record the dictation.
· High Quality Sound--"LPECTM CODEC" with improved frequency
response ensures excellent recorded sound clarity
· Advanced Digital VOR (Voice Operated Recording) stops the
recording during silent pauses, saving valuable recording time, then
begins recording again without missing a single syllable thanks to the
digital buffer
· 5 File Folders provide separate message areas for different applications
such as business memos or personal reminders, for better organization
and faster access
· Priority Function automatically moves priority marked dictations to the
front of the list of recordings in the folder
· Voice E-Mail Function Using the supplied digital voice editor software
lets you easily send audible e-mail with an attached file
· Slim Style Design only one-half inch thick, with Record and Pause
controls located on the side of the unit for easy operation; fits neatly into
a shirt pocket
· Easy to Use Playback/Edit Function lets you begin playback with the
press of a button, then edit the recordings with equal ease
· Digital Pitch Control/Playback Speed Control allows recordings to
be heard at slower than normal speeds without distortion to facilitate
transcribing or editing, or faster than normal to move quickly to a
desired portion
· Full Function LCD Display shows number of messages recorded,
recording length, date, time, and battery power remaining
· One Button Play from Record lets you switch from Recording mode
to Play mode with one finger
· Incremental Rewind (Easy Search) is the equivalent of tape Fast
Rewind but without returning all the way to the beginning of each
recording, to help locate specific passages
· 32MB Built-In Flash Memory uses high capacity IC chip, which
may be recorded over itself and used again and again, with
distortion-free clarity
· Built-In Playback Speaker for monitoring playback of recordings
· Record-Pause Function temporarily stops recording to allow for
pauses in dictation or to provide time for reference to documents, then
resumes where recording was stopped, at the press of a button
· Add-Recording Function allows you to insert and add additional
information to any message without affecting the original
· Battery Strength LCD provides a visible signal of battery strength
· Hold Switch prevents accidental operation or changes to settings while
carrying the unit in pocket or briefcase
· A­B Repeat Function enables a specific segment of the recording to
automatically play over and over again
· Hi/Lo Mic Sensitivity enables the unit to record different situations,
from group meeting to individuals, more effectively
· Stereo Earphone and Microphone Jack allows listening through
earphones for privacy or transcription and connection of an external
microphone for special applications
· LED Operation Indicators (Record/Play) indicates Red when unit is
recording, Green when in playback mode
· Microsoft® Windows® 98/2000/Me/XP Compatible
Recording Media: Flash Memory Built-In 32MB
PC Connectivity: USB
Speaker: 1 1/ 4" (32mm) dia.
Input/Outputs: USB Port, Earphone Jack, DC-in Jack, Microphone Jack
Power Requirements: DC 3V with "AAA" x 2 Battery
Battery Life (Approx.): REC. ST/SP/LP 14 Hours
Channel: Mono/stereo
LED: REC (Red), PLAY (Green)
Recording: ST (1 Hour 25 Minutes), SP (4 Hours 10 Minutes),
LP (11 Hours 36 Minutes)
Dimensions (WHD): 1 5/ 8" x 4" x 1/ 2" (41.5 x 103.6 x 12.8mm)
Weight: 2 3/ 4 oz. (79g) with battery
Supplied Accessories: Dragon Naturally SpeakingTM Voice to Print Software,
PC Download Software, "AAA" Battery x 2, Carrying Case, Earphone
MDR-ED228LP, USB Cable RK-G136
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Digital Voice Recorder
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