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Hitachi Plasma Display Tilting Wall-mount Unit
Installation Instructions
Special techniques are necessary for installation of the plasma display.
Do not attempt to perform this work by yourself.
Request an installation specialist to install this unit.
This company assumes absolutely no responsibility for injuries and damages that may occur due to improper
installation and handling.
Please remember that if you remove the plasma display set from the wall later, you will find the screw holes
and anchor bolts for the mounting unit left on the wall. Also note that a long use of the plasma display set
may discolor the wall around it due to its heat and air flow.
To dealers and shops
To ensure customer safety, be sure to design the installation location so that the strength is sufficient to
withstand the weight of both the plasma display and the wall-mount unit.
Always use at least two persons for all installations.
Fully tighten all of the mounting screws as specified in the installation instructions.
Thank you for purchasing the Hitachi Plasma Display Wall-mount Unit.
To ensure correct usage, please read this instruction manual thoroughly. After reading, please store this manual
in a safe place for future reference.
This plasma display wall-mount unit is for use only with the following model:
Parts Configuration Chart
Bolts M8 (6)
Hung on wall unit (1)
Hexagon wrench (1)
IConfirming the parts provided
Before assembly, check to make sure that none of the parts provided are missing.
* Screws to be used for wall installation are not included. Obtain them separately.

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Usage cautions to ensure correct usage
The following symbols are used to ensure safe usage of the product, to prevent danger to yourself and other
parties and to prevent damage to property.
This symbol indicates that incorrect handling due to ignoring this symbol
can result in the possibility of personal injury or even death.
This symbol indicates additional
cautions (including warnings).
This symbol indicates forbidden
This symbol indicates required actions.
Safety Cautions
Contact your
local dealer.
Disconnect the
power plug from
the power outlet.
When a malfunction occurs, disconnect the power
plug from the power outlet and take measures to
prevent other people coming near the plasma
In the cases such as
The plasma display is loose and vibrates to an extreme degree,
Mounting screws or parts are loose or missing,
failure to take appropriate actions can result in injury.
Perform the following actions immediately whenever a
malfunction occurs.
Turn off the plasma display power switch.
Disconnect the power plug from the power outlet.
Surround the area with rope, etc., to prevent other people
coming near.
Contact your local dealer.
Ask your dealer to install, move or adjust the wall-
mount unit.
Incorrect installation or adjustment can cause the plasma display
to fall.
Handling by other than
professional contractors
is prohibited.
This symbol indicates that incorrect handling due to ignoring this symbol
can result in the possibility of personal injury and physical damage.
Indicates that the power plug is to be
disconnected from the power outlet.

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Pillar or
thick ply wood.
Plaster board or
thin ply wood, etc.
The wall where the wall-mount unit is to be
installed must be capable of long-term
support of the total load of the plasma display
and wall-mount unit. Measures should also be
taken to ensure sufficient strength to
withstand the force of earthquakes, vibration
and other external forces.
Incorrect installation can cause the plasma display to fall
and cause injury.
Installation on a wooden wall
Always install so that the load is supported by a piller. If the
strength of the piller is insufficient, add reinforcement. Do
not install on plasters or decorative posts.
Installation on a concrete wall
Use commercially available anchors that are capable of
fully supporting the load of the plasma display.
or more
or more
or more
Avoid installing in
locations where the
temperature and
humidity are
excessively high,
and where contact
with water is
These can result in fire
or electrical shock.
Installation Location
Do not install close
to an air-
conditioner intake
or outlet.
Do not install in
locations where
there is excessive
amounts of dust,
oily smoke or
tobacco smoke.
Fire could result.
Do not block the
ventilation holes.
Also provide
sufficient clearance
in regard to the
surroundings to
avoid blocking the
The internal
temperature could
elevate and possibly
result in fire.
Mount only on a
vertical, rigid wall
The internal
temperature could
elevate and possibly
result in fire.
Injury or damage could
also result from falling.
Model 50 Total load of the (plasma display + wall-mount unit) = 52.7kg

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Do not install in
locations where
there is excessive
vibration or impact.
Injury and damage
could result from
Do not install where
there is direct
sunlight and other
strong light.
Strong light could result
in eye fatigue during
Use the specified
bolts and screws in
the specified places
and tighten firmly.
Failure to do this could
cause injury if the
plasma display falls.
Make sure the
display fittings and
wall-mount fittings
are firmly engaged.
Failure to do so could
cause the plasma
display to fall.
Do not alter any of
the parts. And do
not use broken
This could result in
injury due to the
plasma display falling.
Always use at least
two people to
perform the
installation work.
Injury could result from
dropping heavy
Use care to prevent
the fingers being

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Installation Method
Installation procedure
1 Remove the special screws (2 locations) from the
bottom of the hung on wall unit.
Special screws (M6)
2 Remove the hardware on the wall side and the
hardware on the PDP side.
Wall side hardware
PDP side hardware
Plasma display
PDP side hardware
Top side of plasma display
3 Attach the PDP side hardware to the plasma
· Cover the display with a sheet or similar protective material
to protect it from scratches or other damage.
· Be sure to attach it on top of a flat table or similar surface.
4 Fix the plasma display to the PDP side hardware
with bolt M8 (6 locations). Usually, use the holes
marked with the red triangle "
Top side of plasma display
7 Fix the bottom of the hardware with the special
screws removed at step 1 (one on the left and
one on the right).
Special screw (M6)
5 Attach the wall side hardware to the wall.
Install the wall side hardware (4 locations)
symmetrically on the left and right side (one at
each location from the center of the
Because the screws and bolts used to do this
are different according to the wall strength and
wall material, purchase suitable screws and
bolts separately.
Check the strength of the wall and beams before installing the
Be sure to install the speaker at this stage.
For the installation method, refer to the speaker installation
procedure in the speaker user manual.
6 Attach the hook on the PDP side hardware to the
wall side hardware.
Do not hold the speakers during the installation work.