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Operation Guide 2711
3. Push the crown back in to the normal position.
· Avoid setting the day between 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. (the day display may not
change in the following day).
Using the Stopwatch
The stopwatch lets you measure elapsed time up to 59 minutes, 59 seconds. You can
also correct the position of the stopwatch second hand when necessary.
· The illustration shows a time of 20 minutes, 40 seconds.
· Do not try to perform stopwatch operations while the crown is pulled out either to the
first or second click. If you try to press a button, you might accidentally cause the
crown to rotate and change the current time or day setting.
To measure elapsed time
1. Press A to start the stopwatch.
2. Press A to stop the stopwatch.
· You can resume the measurement operation by pressing A again.
3. Press B to reset the stopwatch.
Adjusting the Stopwatch Second and Minute Hand Positions
Use of the stopwatch can cause the starting positions of the stopwatch minute hand
and second hand to become misaligned. Use the following procedures to check hand
alignment and to adjust the positions of the hands so they point to 12 o'clock when the
stopwatch is reset.
To adjust the positions of the stopwatch hands
1. Press B to reset the stopwatch, and check the alignment of the stopwatch minute
hand and second hand.
2. Pull out the crown to the second click.
3. Press A to move the stopwatch second hand forward until it points to 12 o'clock.
4. If the stopwatch minute hand is aligned correctly, proceed to step 5. If the
stopwatch minute hand is also misaligned, press B so the stopwatch minute hand
jumps to 0.
5. After making the adjustments you want, push the crown back in to its normal
· Note that pulling the crown out also stops the timekeeping second hand. After
performing the above procedure, you should also adjust the timekeeping setting.
I For watch with the elapsed time bezel
Rotate the elapsed time bezel to align the
mark with the
minute hand.
After certain amount of time elapsed, read the graduation on
the elapsed time bezel which the minute hand points to.
The elapsed time is indicated.
Elapsed time bezel
To Set the Time
1. Pull the crown out to the second
· This causes the second hand to
2. Set the hands by turning the
3. Push the crown back in to the
normal position to restart
To Set the day
1. Pull the crown out to the first click.
2. Set the day by turning the crown
towards you (
arrow from
· Some water resistant models are equipped with a screw lock
· With such models, you must unscrew the crown in the direc-
tion noted in the illustration to loosen it before you can pull it
out. Do not pull too forcibly on such crowns.
· Also note that such watches are not water resistant while
their crowns are loosened. Be sure to screw the crowns
back in as far as they will go after making any setting.
Hour hand
Minute hand
Second hand
Stopwatch second
Second click
(Setting time)
(Normal position)
First click
(Setting day)
24-hour hand